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The term "Smoke grenade" has not been confirmed by official sources.

Smoke grenades

Equalists deployed smoke grenades to obscure their escapes.

Smoke grenades are devices commonly employed by the Equalists to obscure their escape. Once thrown, the canisters quickly release a large amount of thick, opaque, green smoke.[1]


When Korra and Mako were trying to find Bolin at the Triple Threat Triad's headquarters, they discovered that he had been kidnapped by Equalists and promptly gave pursuit as the chi blockers rode away. Two Equalists on motorcycles deployed a pair of smoke grenades to obscure their escape. However, Korra and Mako quickly overcame the effects of the smoke and gave chase on Naga, eventually fighting two of the Equalists head-on. The chi blockers prevailed and were approaching the two immobilized benders with bolas when Naga gnawed through her ropes and attacked. The Equalists quickly retreated, covering their escape once more with smoke grenades.[1]

Several days later, when Councilman Tarrlok led a task force into an underground base where chi blockers honed their skills, one trainee released a pair of smoke grenades, but Korra quickly reacted and froze the grenades with her waterbending, effectively sealing them before they could release their full contents.[2]


Korra freezes smoke grenades

Korra was able to freeze two smoke grenades.

The smoke released by the grenades is harmless, and although it creates effective cover, the concealing effects do not last long. The grenade itself can be rendered useless by preventing the smoke from being released, such as by freezing the canister using waterbending;[2] should the smoke be released, it can be easily blown away by a gust of wind, thus making the grenade useless against an airbender.


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