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Slim was the pet catgator of Tho and Due. He was one of the many catgators that inhabited the Foggy Swamp, but he was considered family by the tribesmen.[1]


In 100 AG, after Team Avatar got lost in the swamp and its members were found by inhabitants of the Foggy Swamp, they were invited to spend the evening in the tribe's village, where they all shared a meal around a campfire. Slim crawled up behind Tho, awaiting his fishy meal. In an attempt to feed Slim, Sokka threw him a large bug. The catgator aggressively hissed at him, repulsed. According to Due, Slim did not eat bugs, as he only ate what he did not consider to be "people food".[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Two: Earth (土)



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