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Skiri was the chief of the Water Tribes during the era of Roku. With the backing of the Northern Water Tribe, Skiri pursued an aggressive foreign policy, a stance which cost him support in other countries.[1]


Skiri believed that the other nations had taken enough from the tribes, as foreigners patrolled the waters with abandon and were ignoring the outcry of the spirits, who were growing increasingly agitated and aggressive at the poles. He was convinced that the Water Tribes should engage in the conflicts of the day, seizing control of trade routes and imposing fees on those Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom ships traveling via open water.

Skiri was not against chieftain Qanitt of Whale Harbor's proposals for more cooperation, but believed that the tribes needed to aggressively protect what was theirs before seeking international cooperation. His proposals were controversial, and he resorted to blackmail and threats to advance his cause.[1]

When a massive tsunami hit the northern Earth Kingdom state of Chenbao, Skiri pushed for conflict, taking the side of those who blamed earthbenders for causing an underwater earthquake. However, cooler heads prevailed, and Avatar Roku intervened before a full-scale war broke out.[2][1] The governor of Chenbao demanded taxes on Water Tribe merchant ships who used the northern passage, but there was no practical method to enforce this. While the merchant ships avoided the taxes with sailing mastery, the goods they sold were thus considered contraband in the Earth Kingdom.[3]

Though a popular leader at home, Skiri lost international allies by speaking out against Earth King Jialun, who many saw as harmless. He wanted intel on the Earth Kingdom's movements and plans, and was willing to pay good money to anyone who could get it for him.[1]

Skiri learned through Tana, a chieftain of the Southern Water Tribe, that Fire Nation had been found docked at the sacred island that was the halfway point between the two tribes. Through political channels, he learned that the Fire Nation had claimed the island as their own. Skiri was ready to send a majority of his fleet to reclaim the island, but needed support from the Southern chieftains. The chieftains could not come to a consensus on what to do, as many were unwilling to start an all-out war with the Fire Nation.[3]


Skiri was a forceful man, and was willing to use unsavory methods such as blackmail and threats to advance his cause. He distrusted the other nations, but was willing to engage in fruitful discussion with anyone from the Northern or Southern Water Tribes who held a differing opinion.[1]


Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game[]

Preceded by
Unknown, eventually Oyaluk[4]
Chief of the Northern and Southern Water Tribe[5]
Succeeded by
Unknown, eventually Arnook's father[6]


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