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Sizzle-crisps were a popular treat in the Fire Nation during the Hundred Year War.

Sizzle-crisps are a popular treat in the Fire Nation. They have a distinct crispy, bacon-like taste and are, in the style of typical Fire Nation foods, spicy-hot. Sizzle-crisps are traditionally made from meat,[1][2] and exist in many different versions. They are a common food sold by street vendors who often compete with one another to produce spicier variants than their rivals.[2]

Known variants

  • "Dragon's Breath" - nicknamed after General Iroh, this variant was developed after the Hundred Year War and is considered extremely spicy.[2]
  • "Peppery" - considered one of the more mild variants.[2]


A real-world adaptation of sizzle-crisps as shown in a recipe from Avatar: The Last Airbender Cookbook: Official Recipes from the Four Nations.

  • Sizzle-crips are Zuko's favorite afternoon snack.[2]
  • There are claims about sizzle-crisps also being made made from rice, soy, and nuts instead of meat, but these theories "are probably wrong".[1]
  • One student in the Fire Nation ordered sizzle-crisps from a food vendor after Sokka agreed to the class's attempt to blackmail him by keeping quiet that he was not their real substitute teacher.[3]


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