"Hanging out with my sisters last night made me realize that there are advantages to being part of a matched set. Lots of the world's problems are too big to be tackled alone."
Ty Lee to Suki.

"Sisters" is a comic released by Dark Horse Comics on May 2, 2015, for Free Comic Book Day. It was later included in the anthology Team Avatar Tales, released October 2, 2019.


Though she thinks the Kyoshi Warriors are amazing, Ty Lee feels down. Toph sees this and takes the chi blocker to her old circus, where she reunites with her six sisters.


Toph drags Ty Lee off

In an attempt to lift Ty Lee's spirits, Toph drags her off to the Fire Nation circus.

At the Fire Nation Capital, the Kyoshi Warriors are going through training drills, except for Ty Lee, who sits a few feet away and feels upset. Toph comes by and greets her with a punch in the arm, briefly cheering up Ty Lee, who asks what she is doing there. Toph said she had a meeting with Zuko and Aang regarding "boring political stuff" and asks if Ty Lee should be training. The warrior responds that she feels down for reasons she does not know. This prompts the earthbender to drag her off to the Fire Nation circus, which excites Ty Lee.

Upon arrival at the circus, Toph asks why she did not go back, which Ty Lee answers by saying that the world felt broken, so she chose to join the Kyoshi Warriors instead to help fix it. When she sees her old circus master, Shuzumu, who is yelling at someone for attempted extortion. When Ty Lee goes to greet him, he simply pushes her into a nearby tent, telling her she has five minutes before the show starts.

Ty sisters argue

Soon after reuniting, the Ty sisters get into an argument about their specific talents.

Inside the tent, Toph inquires on whether she forgot to quit her old job as Ty Lee hears multiple people calling her. Much to her shock, Ty Lee is reunited with her six identical sisters: Ty Lin, Ty Lat, Ty Lao, Ty Liu, Ty Lum, and Ty Woo. The girls, ecstatic to see each other again, embrace, except for a disgruntled Ty Woo. Ty Lee is confused as to how her sisters joined the circus. It is explained that after she ran away, the sisters looked for her on the instructions of their parents, but she had already left with Azula by the time they reached the circus. Because they enjoyed it so much, they stayed and became the "Flying Ty Sisters" and grew even more popular than Ty Lee herself. The former acrobat is unhappy, saying acrobatics was her thing and that the other sisters had other unique traits as well. She adds that they promised to stay away from these when they were little so their parents could not compare them the way they did then. The girls argue that there was no such agreement and that acrobatics was actually stolen from each other. Frustrated, Ty Lee leaves the tent and wants to depart from the circus, but Toph wants to stay and show the platypus bears support.

Ty sisters defeat thug

Ty Lee's sisters help her to defeat her opponent.

During the performance, while Toph tries to encourage the platypus bears to not listen to their owner, Ty Lee figures out why she has been down: being part of the Kyoshi Warriors is just like her home life as part of a matched set and decides she wants to quit. Upon hearing the announcement of her sisters being the next act up, Ty Lee re-expresses her desire to leave, which Toph complies with. As they head out though, Toph hears two men, including a firebender, plotting to burn the tent down. She uses her earthbending to bury the firebender in a wave of dirt. Ty Lee goes after the more muscled individual, but her kick fails to do anything, leaving her on the ground. When he asks if she thinks she could really take him alone, her sisters appear from the tent and attack him simultaneously, leaving him on the ground, defeated. Ty Lee thanks her sisters, saying it was a good thing they all became acrobats. They reconcile with a big family embrace, as Ty Woo comments on this.

Upon returning to the capital, Ty Lee redons her Kyoshi Warrior outfit, much to Suki's excitement, who thought she was quitting after hearing as such from Toph. Ty Lee responds by saying that hanging out with her sisters made her realize there are advantages to being part of a matched set - some problems are too big to tackle alone. When Suki asks why she did not stay with them, Ty Lee answers that the warriors are her sisters too and, pulling the leader and another warrior close, adds that they do not have to match; she can take off her makeup whenever she wants.

Production notes


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Series continuity

  • After being mentioned in "The Beach", Ty Lee's sisters are introduced for the first time.
  • The sisters recall how Ty Lee ran off with Azula in "Return to Omashu".


  • Ty Lee's headband disappears after the first panel.


  • In the initial release of the comic, Ty Woo mistakenly refers to the circus master as "Shumuzu". This error was corrected in the rerelease of the comic as part of Team Avatar Tales, confirming his name as "Shuzumu".

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