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The Silk Road Bridge is a suspension bridge located in Republic City. A Future Industries warehouse worker arranged a meeting with Korra underneath this bridge, where he told the Avatar, Tenzin, and Lin about the secret Equalist factory beneath the Sato estate.[1]


The Silk Road Bridge is a symbolic display of Republic City's prosperity and cultural diversity, exhibiting multiple modern architectural styles alongside more traditional structural designs. It has two tall arches that divide the bridge into three sections of roughly equal length. The arches are white and have two golden, pagoda-shaped peaks on either side. Black suspension cables connect to the top of the arches as well as the road. There are two lengths of cable, both of which form a U-shaped dip in the gaps between the arches. The bridge's roadway is four lanes wide, which is enough to accommodate vehicular traffic during both the day and night.[1]


  • The Silk Road is the name given to a vast network of interconnected trade routes that stretched across the entire breadth of Asia, linking the continent with Europe and Africa. The name comes from the famous and highly coveted Chinese silk textiles that were traded along the routes, along with various other goods and technologies from across the world.
    • The Silk Road parallels the Silk Road Bridge in the sense that just as the Silk Road acted to unite and expand many civilizations, the Silk Road Bridge acts to connect parts of Republic City, a melting pot of different people, technologies, and cultures.


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