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Siku and Sura are sibling waterbenders from the Southern Water Tribe and, after Katara, the first known waterbenders to emerge from the tribe since the Fire Nation raids. At their mother's behest, however, they hid their waterbending skills from others, although they did practice in secrecy.[1]


Siku and Sura attended a festival hosted by Malina and Maliq with Master Pakku. There, he introduced the two to Katara, who happily greeted them. Pakku told them that Katara was an accomplished waterbender and possibly the finest in the entire world. Katara was modest and told Pakku there was no need to brag, but the old master interrupted her, telling the two kids that it was probably due to their teacher; himself. Katara leaned down and asked the kids how their waterbending lessons were going, to which they responded negatively, claiming they were not even waterbenders before quickly running off. Soon after that, Katara and Pakku see them waterbending in secret from a distance.[1]

Reluctant Siku and Sura

Siku and Sura did not want to tell Katara they were waterbenders

The next day, Pakku is trying to teach the children how to waterbend, telling them to follow his exact movements, but the sisters do not do anything, reminding him they are not waterbenders. Pakku sighs, wondering if they'll pay attention to their special guest, Avatar Aang, who entered the small school along with Katara. Aang starts waterbending as Pakku introduces him as the Avatar, much to the young sisters' amazement. Sura asks him if he is really the Avatar, to which he replies that he is, letting Katara continue waterbending when he stopped. Siku asked Katara if she was the Avatar's friend, to which Aang responded that she helped him end the Hundred Year War. Sura was curious as to why Katara had not told them that during the festival. Katara asked them if it would have made a difference and the two sisters agreed that it would have certainly been nicer. Katara leaned in, asking them if they were finally going to tell them the truth about their waterbending skills. Siku and Sura revealed that their mother always had one rule that they always had to follow and that the rule was that they could not tell anyone about their waterbending skills because if they did, Fire Nation soldiers would take them away. They explained how Pakku's arrival convinced their mother to send them away with him, despite their not wanting to. They ran off, telling Katara that no matter who she was, she was not going to make them do anything they did not want to.

Siku and Sura waterbending

Siku and Sura finally waterbent in front of Katara after hearing her mother's story.

The next day, Siku and Sura went with Aang to accompany Sokka and Katara visiting their mother's grave. Sokka and Katara called them over; when they got there, Katara informed them that her mother had passed away. The children offered their condolences, and Katara told them that her mother had also wanted her and her brother to be safe, sacrificing herself so not only so Katara, the Southern Water Tribe's last waterbender at the time, would be spared, but also so that the Southern Water Tribe's bending style could survive into the future. She told Siku and Sura that that's why she felt their own mother had sent them there; because she also wanted the tradition to survive. Siku and Sura finally felt confident enough to show her what they could do after that and waterbent a big figure in the air.[2]


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