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"Anything for the mother of the next generation of airbenders."
— Abbot Shung honoring Pema and expressing his joy over the return of the airbenders.[1]

Shung is the abbot of the Southern Air Temple and the leader of the Air Acolytes that reside there. He personally greeted Tenzin and his family upon their arrival at the air temple, showering them with gifts.[1]


Abbot Shung greeted Tenzin and his family in a hospitable manner upon their arrival at the Southern Air Temple in 171 AG. He was pleased to welcome the airbending master back to the temple and eager to indulge his every wish. To welcome the family to the air temple, he had prepared several gifts for them, including a refurbished ancient Air Nomad shaving tool, specifically for Tenzin, and a large bouquet of mountain flowers that had been prepared for Pema, honoring her as the mother of the next generation of airbenders. However, before he could continue his conversation, he was interrupted by Meelo, who proudly showed his father the ring-tailed winged lemur he had caught and named Poki.[1]


The Legend of Korra

Book Two: Spirits (神靈)


  • As a figure of higher ranking among the Air Acolytes, Shung's attire was slightly different than that of others. However, his robes were similar to those worn by the female Air Acolytes, namely a red robe with a yellow sash, with only a small coloration difference to set them aside.[1]


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