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Shoji was a student at the Fire Nation school whom Aang met during his time there. He was like any other boy his age, and enjoyed playing with friends.


Shoji was present when Aang first got in a confrontation with Hide and was surprised when Hide did not fight Aang. He subsequently invited the Avatar, unaware of his true identity, to play a game of hide and explode with him and his friends, which Aang accepted.

During class the following day, Shoji was stunned by Aang's behavior again, as the new student dared to speak up against Ms. Kwan and later danced during music class. Shoji explained to him that people did not dance in the mainland of the Fire Nation, though he took Aang up on the offer to attend a dance party in a beach cave hosted by the latter. At the party, Shoji became unsure about what to do after The Flamey-Os were introduced, prompting Aang to explain that dancing was "a form of self-expression that no one [could] ever take away". Shoji reiterated that while dancing might be different in the colonies, the people in the mainland just did not do it. He was nonetheless impressed by Aang's demonstration of some classic Fire Nation dances, such as the "Phoenix Flight" and the "Camelephant Strut". Eventually, Shoji was enticed to try some moves of his own, though restricted his motions to a rhythmic nodding of his head.

When the headmaster crashed the party with several guards in search of Aang, Shoji was the first to wear the belt of his uniform on his head, mimicking Aang's style, to help camouflage the young host. When the latter fled the scene, Shoji winked at him, though was shocked to see the tunnel through which Aang disappeared suddenly close due to earthbending.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book Three: Fire (火)


  • Shoji was one of the few Fire Nation characters that had neither black hair nor amber eyes.


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