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Sho was a young Fire Nation girl who met Avatar Aang and Sokka on a Fire Nation train while on her way to visit her grandmother. She was a timid, anxious girl who often panicked when she became upset or stressed.[1]


Sho was going to ride the train with her mother to visit her grandmother, but was forced to travel alone when her mother became ill. When she boarded the train, she was visibly scared; Aang noticed her anxiousness and offered to sit with her on the train. She agreed, and Aang taught her a breathing exercise to calm her down, which included thinking about her favorite animal, the komodo rhino.

She managed to calm down significantly, and told Aang that it was not the train that was scary but rather the people. She asked why someone would have a strange tattoo on his forehead. Aang, believing that it was he to whom she was referring, hastened to explain it. However, she told him she was not referring to him, but to a man who had just stood out of his seat. This turned out to be Combustion Man, who began destroying the train in an attempt to kill Aang. Sho became frightened and hugged Aang, who told her to stay hidden and practice her breathing exercises while he dealt with Combustion Man.

Aang and Sho

Aang assured Sho that she would be able to reach her grandmother's house for dinner with his favorite animal's help.

She was amazed by Aang's airbending and used the techniques he had taught her to stay calm while the other passengers were panicking. Sho informed them of the technique Aang had showed her, and they all began to use it as well. After Combustion Man had finally been defeated, Aang told her she had done great, congratulating her on remaining calm, and helping the other passengers to not be scared. She accepted the compliment, but told him that the train had been severely damaged and she needed to be at her grandmother's house by dinnertime. Aang showed her his bison whistle and told her he wanted Sho to meet his favorite animal, who would be able to take her to her grandmother's house. Sho was comforted by Katara when she began to hyperventilate when riding Appa.[1]


Avatar comics[]

Book Three: Fire (火)[]


  • Her favorite creature was the komodo rhino, of which she had a stuffed animal toy.[1]


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