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Shinu was a pragmatic High General of the Fire Nation Army. An experienced and hard-bitten officer, he commanded the Pohuai Stronghold and served as the director of the Yuyan Archers for years.[1][3] In addition, he was the author of at least one popular book.[2]


Sometime before 91 AG, Shinu was appointed as commander of the Pohuai Stronghold and leader of the Yuyan Archers. As such, the colonel had to accept the personally submitted resignation of Vachir, one of his elite soldiers, after the latter had failed Prince Ozai.[4] At some point, Shinu authored and published the Book of Precision. The book's applications were broader than just archery, and it became popular among merchants. The notes on precision that did not make it into the finished book were compiled into the Scroll of Precision.[2]

Zhao and Shinu

Shinu angrily denied Zhao's request.

Because of his long service at the stronghold, Shinu also knew the strategic importance of its position, as the soldiers on the front near Ba Sing Se were directly supplied by this stronghold.[5] Therefore, Shinu was not pleased when Commander Zhao of the Fire Navy requested use of the legendary Yuyan Archers to help capture the Avatar in early 100 AG, insisting that the colonel was wasting their talents in using them as security guards. Shinu scoffed that Zhao's hunt for the Avatar was nothing more than a vanity project, and he stated that he needed every man he had, having no intention to send his best soldiers on a fool's errand. However, after a message arrived from Fire Lord Ozai promoting Zhao to the rank of admiral, the request was made an order, much to Shinu's frustration.[1]

Later on, the Yuyan Archers actually managed to capture Avatar Aang, and he was arrested in Pohuai Stronghold. Shinu was present at Zhao's following victory speech; however, the colonel remained completely unmoved by the admiral's promise of total victory in summer because of the Avatar's capture. In fact, a criminal known as the Blue Spirit successfully freed Aang shortly afterward, subsequently prompting the colonel to question Zhao's judgment in letting both Aang and his savior escape.[1]

Bujing and Shinu

Shinu was present to witness the return of the banished Prince, Zuko.

Sometime prior to the invasion of the Fire Nation, Shinu was promoted to general and rose to become one of the Fire Lord's personal advisers, and as such, he was present at the war meeting prior to the Day of Black Sun. After taking notice of Prince Zuko's return, the general informed Fire Lord Ozai that the earthbender rebellions were preventing the Fire Nation from achieving total victory over the Earth Kingdom. Realizing that their army was spread too thin, Shinu suggested that more Domestic Forces be sent to reinforce the occupation. However, his proposal was rejected in favor of a more extreme plan: to burn down the whole Earth Kingdom utilizing the power of Sozin's Comet.[3]


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