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The shaman is a firebender who lives among the Bhanti on Bhanti Island, a remote island in the southern Fire Nation, where she tends to a herd of flying bison.[3] She is a spiritual expert who uses her abilities to sense dark spirits, as she demonstrated in 171 AG when she tended to an amnesiac Avatar Korra at the Bhanti Village Temple.[1]


In 171 AG, the shaman was approached by several members of the Bhanti who carried an unconscious Korra, requesting her assistance in tending to the Avatar, who appeared amnesiac. Using her firebending, she ascertained that a dark spirit had possessed Korra and was feeding on the energy of the Avatar Spirit, before promptly ordering the sages to submerge the Avatar in the pool of spirit water.

Shaman firebending

The shaman detected a dark energy in Avatar Korra.

When the Avatar emerged, the shaman questioned her if she was aware of her identity before leading her to the courtyard, where she told Korra about a herd of flying bison that her people had been raising since the Hundred Year War. She noted that Korra had little time to waste, as Harmonic Convergence was only several weeks away, and presented the Avatar with a flying bison, who left promptly to close the spirit portal in the South Pole.[1]


With her extensive knowledge in spiritual matters, the shaman is capable of using fire to sense chi paths and interpret spiritual energy, similar to healing. She is also knowledgeable in animal husbandry, having been able to tend to a herd of flying bison for over half a century.


The Legend of Korra[]

Book Two: Spirits (神靈)[]


  • The shaman is the second known person after Unalaq to use bending at a spiritual level.
  • The shaman was originally written as a blind character, but the initial animation ended up depicting her looking around frequently. Rather than fix the animation, the creators decided to scrap the concept as it did not significantly affect the story arc.[2]
  • In the script for "Beginnings, Part 1", the shaman's use of firebending to sense chi paths, interpret spiritual energy, and expunge parasitic dark spirits is described as "a kind of firebending reiki".[4]


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