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The Senlin Village leader was the head of a village that was terrorized by an angry spirit named Hei Bai. Though he entrusted Avatar Aang with the job of trying to calm Hei Bai, he was slightly skeptical of the young Avatar's ability to do so.[2]


The village leader met Aang and his friends when an old wanderer guided them into town, hoping that the Avatar would be able to resolve the village's crisis. Upon learning of Aang's identity as the Avatar, he expressed his joy at being in the young Avatar's presence but doubted Aang's ability to help the village. He feared Hei Bai's rampage, but was even more frightened of the prospect of the approaching winter solstice, when the natural world and the Spirit World would grow closer together. The leader was discontented by the uncertainty of the spirit's possible actions once the line between both worlds was blurred completely.

The village leader locked himself in the main building with the other villagers while Aang tried to calm Hei Bai during the night. Upon noticing Aang's failure to do so and his running behind the spirit as it charged into the village, the leader simply remarked that "the Avatar's methods [were] unusual". Despite being strongly warned of the dangers, Sokka rushed out to help Aang, but when Katara moved to leave as well, the village leader held her back. Once Aang managed to calm down the enraged Forest Spirit, the leader wanted to repay him and his friends, and offered them money and supplies to help them prepare for their journey to Crescent Island.[1]

After Team Avatar left his village, Prince Zuko arrived and pushed the leader down in order to assert his dominance before inquiring about the Avatar's whereabouts.[3]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book One: Water (水)


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