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Sela was Gansu's wife and the mother of two sons, Lee and his older brother, Sensu. She and her family ran a farm in a small Earth Kingdom village.[1]


After Sela met and married Gansu, the couple had two children together: Sensu and Lee. The family made their home in a plains village, that Gow and other soldiers were in charge of. Sela had a strong dislike for Gow and his men, as they were simply antagonistic hectors who did not actively contribute to their country in the Hundred Year War, while her eldest son, Sensu, had gone to the front lines.

In 100 AG, Zuko came to the village and helped Lee out of a tough situation; in return, he was invited back to stay at the farm. When Sela kindly inquired what Zuko's name was, he hesitated; her husband, Gansu, said that Zuko did not need to tell them his name if he would rather not. She subsequently invited the apparent traveler to join her family for supper. Sensing that Zuko's refusal to stay had more to do with honor than the lack of hunger, she suggested that Gansu could use some help on the barn, providing Zuko with a means to repay the family for their hospitality. As Zuko left the farm, Sela offered him some food that "ought to get [him] through a few meals".

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Sela was worried about her son after Gow took him captive and threatened to enlist the child in the army.

Sela was heartbroken when Gow and the rest of his men rode up to the farm and informed the family that Sensu's battalion had been captured. The man smirked as he told Sela that her son was either dead or going to be dressed up in a Fire Nation uniform and put on the front line unarmed. Gansu said his goodbyes to his family and departed in search of his eldest son, leaving Sela to care for Lee. After Zuko had left, she went out to find him and begged for his help, as Gow had returned to the farm as soon as Gansu had left. Lee had foolishly pulled a knife on them, subsequently prompting Gow to take him with them, remarking that "if Lee [was] old enough to fight, he [was] old enough to join the army". Zuko engaged and defeated Gow and his men in battle, but not without revealing his true identity as the heir to the throne of the Fire Nation. Upon discovering who Zuko really was, Sela did not want him around her family anymore and protectively stood in front of Lee. Zuko offered the dagger to Lee again, but after he said that he hated the banished prince, Sela and her youngest son left.[1]


Sela was a kind woman but clearly stressed with the burdens of her family and running a farm. She was respectful and willing to welcome strangers into her home if she believed them to be decent. As a mother, Sela was protective of her children, and though she appeared to be a strong woman, she was not above asking for help when she was in over her head. She, like many others in the Earth Kingdom, had a strong hatred for the Fire Nation.[1]




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