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Seedy merchants pier, or simply merchant's pier,[2] is the name of a trading port located in the southern United Republic of Nations,[1] and was formerly part of the Earth Kingdom. Merchants from all corners of the world meet here to trade and make whatever amount of money they can. Together with numerous other colonies, it serves as a meeting-place for the Earth Kingdom's booming black market economy, and as such, most people who reside there are notorious con artists.[3] The pier offers a varied selection of goods, ranging from jewelry to pottery to musical instruments such as tsungi horns and trivial items such as a bison whistle. The seedy merchants pier welcomes all nations, so long as they have an inclination for a bargain.

The dock harbors many trading ships, which may serve as shops, as well as Fire Navy vessels. Additionally, the area is also popular with pirates.


Aang, Katara, and Sokka decided to visit this pier after their initial supplies were accidentally washed away by Aang. They visited a boutique, offering goods acquired through "high-risk trading". Aang unsuccessfully bargained with the pirate captain for a rare waterbending scroll, so Katara decided to steal the item, causing the pirates to pursue Team Avatar. Meanwhile, Iroh requested a detour to this pier to search all the stores in the area for a white lotus tile to replace his own. Unsuccessful, he instead purchased cartloads of goods including a tsungi horn.[4]

Sokka, Katara, and Toph returned to this pier for a short time to find dinner after commandeering a Fire Nation vessel.[2]

Layout and description

The seedy merchants pier is situated along the coast of the western Earth Kingdom, making it a retail hub that is popular with sailors. The village boasts a significant market, with shops that sell everything from jewelry to musical instruments. The shops are aligned in a straight grid, with several rows of stores. The coastline of the village is bounded by many small docks where ships are commonplace. There is also one much larger dock which was frequented by Fire Navy ships.


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