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Seashell San's House of Shells is a small store specializing in the distribution of the world's finest collectible shells. It is under the ownership of San, who maintains store policy with the help of Jojan.[1]


Sometime after the end of the Hundred Year War, Sokka and Suki visited the shop, which Sokka declared as the "coolest store ever". While Suki indulged Sokka's fascination with the merchandise, Giya entered the store, and expressed interest in the shell of a hermit marmoset. Dismissing her as another fake collector, San refused to sell the piece, stating that it was more than the girl could afford.

Overhearing the exchange, Suki confronted San, who told her to mind her own business before ordering Jojan to escort her off the premises. Suki urged Jojan to get his hands off her, while Sokka nonchalantly warned the two men not to trifle with his girlfriend. When the employee refused to comply, Suki flipped him over, prompting San to use firebending in attempt to subdue the Kyoshi Warrior. Suki easily defeated the firebender by blocking his chi, before leaving the store with Sokka, who pointed out that some of the seashells were on fire, likely from the lacquer used to treat them. Horrified, San ordered Jojan to fetch buckets of water in an attempt to salvage his merchandise.[1]


Seashell San's House of Shells is a small store located in a seaside marketplace in the Fire Nation. The interior is lined with shelves and cabinets containing a number of different shells, which are also prominently displayed on the walls and hung on the ceiling.[1]


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