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The screeching bird is a small, fluffy white bird that can be found in the Foggy Swamp in the southern Earth Kingdom. It is known for its ominous scream.


While walking through the mysterious Foggy Swamp, Aang, Katara, and Sokka stopped to make camp. As Sokka tried to convince the group that it was just a normal swamp, a nearby screech from this bird frightened them, and they huddled together to quell each other's fear.

Later, when Team Avatar was having dinner, another screeching bird landed nearby and, after letting out its awful scream, was swatted away by a tree root.[1]


A screeching bird screaming.

The screeching bird has fluffy white or light gray feathers covering its body. Its eyes and beak are almost hidden by its pudgy face; the eyes appear beady and dark beneath the head feathers. Though its beak appears tiny when closed, it can open wide to emit a loud shriek that sounds like a woman screaming.


The screeching bird's distinct vocalizations resemble the screeches made by common barn owls, which are alternatively known as screech owls due to their distinctive screams.


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