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The scout was a Fire Navy officer who was stationed at Ketu Harbor in winter 99 AG. At the time, he was ordered to lead an anti-pirate reconnaissance mission to a nearby island.


The scout had some family-related issues. By the time he had become an officer at Ketu Harbor, he expressed pride in the fact that he had once disobeyed his mother.[1]

In winter 99 AG, Prince Zuko arrived at Ketu Harbor, seeking repairs for his heavily damaged ship. Even though the damage had been inflicted by Avatar Aang, he tried to claim that his crew had been attacked by pirates to divert Zhao's attention.[2] This claim was, to some degree, true. Though pirates had not been responsible for the ship's damage, they had attempted to rob the prince and steal his ship at a nearby island. Not long after Prince Zuko's departure, Zhao also left Ketu Harbor, taking most of the base's troops with him. The local pirates exploited this to raid the area with impunity.[1]

In response to this increased pirate activity, the new commander of Ketu Harbor ordered a reconnaissance mission to the nearby islands. The scout was put in charge of the troops involved in this operation. When their old cruiser was attacked by pirates near one island, however, the scout quickly panicked and hid. His subordinates were able to repel the attackers, however, allowing the mission to progress.

Upon landing on the island, the scout began to regale his soldiers with his family stories, considered so annoying that a pirate —hiding nearby to prepare an ambush— launched an impromptu assault just to get him shut up. As the pirates bickered among each other over this action, the angered corsair loudly declared that the Fire Nation party was led by "this idiot, how dangerous can they be?" This greatly hurt the scout's feelings.

The Fire Nation soldiers were able to defeat the pirates, allowing them to advance deeper into the island. Before reaching the peak, the scout admired the great view and had to be rescued from a pack of angry platypus bears. Upon reaching the island's "Pirate Peak", the scout was able to get a good overview of the region. Distressed, he realized that the corsairs had built a fortress on another island close by; he urged his forces to get back to Ketu Harbor as quickly as possible to warn their comrades. However, more pirates appeared, blocking their way and wanting revenge. This time, the scout tried to be more brave, and his forces ultimately prevailed again. Satisfied, they returned to their home base to relay the information on the pirate fortress. There, he and his group were thanked for their efforts by the base commander who subsequently asked them to keep an eye on the newly discovered corsair lair.

The scout and his unit thus launched a series of raids against the pirates, capturing supplies and returning them to restore Ketu Harbor. The base's captain thanked them for their efforts, and tasked the scout with investing the resources. The scout subsequently used the supplies to set up a spa (dubbed the "Military Lodge") in Ketu Harbor, much to the horror and anger of the captain who regarded this as a complete waste of their limited materials. The scout disagreed, arguing that the captain's anger actually showcased that the base garrison really needed a place to unwind. Hesitantly, the captain agreed to visit the spa himself to test this argument, though he was still angry enough to forbid the scout from doing the same.

Later, the scout and his troops returned from another anti-pirate raid and reported to the captain. The latter again tasked the scout with investing the captured supplies, whereupon the scout pointed out that the visit at the spa had evidently changed the captain's mind regarding its usefulness. Soon after, the scout returned to the base headquarters, announcing that he had ordered the restoration of Ketu Harbor's arena. He explained that he was planning a tournament, and had even found an organizer for the event. Though the captain had initially intended for the arena to be used for drills, he considered the tournament idea to be decent. The superior officer even stated that the scout and his team should personally join the contest.[1]


The scout was an extremely fearful individual who hid his multiple issues behind a boastful persona. However, he was also a competent leader who trusted and appreciated his subordinates, constantly trying to boost their spirits. In this regard, he even considered a spa and an engaging tournament more important for Ketu Harbor's garrison than improved defenses, pointing out that soldiers needed places to unwind and have fun.[1]


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  • The scout still used the term "hotman" to address people in winter 99 AG,[1] even though the term was considered outdated in much of the Fire Nation by summer 100 AG.[3]


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