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The scorpion bee is a creature with the body of a bee and a scorpion-like head and tail.[1]


While Team Avatar was lost in a forest, a scorpion bee landed on Aang's nose. Aang remained still, but Momo became frightened as more of the insects covered the airbender's body. Aang used his airbending to get the bees off him; however, they started to chase after him, prompting him to flee on an air scooter. Soon after, Aang encountered a Fire Nation soldier and realized that a scorpion bee was on his shirt. The insect promptly flew onto the soldier's nose as Aang ran away.[1]

Sokka later attempted to train King Kuei's pet, Bosco, in becoming a regular, non-pampered bear. In one of the exercises of this regimen, the Water Tribe warrior tried to coax the animal into capturing some scorpion bees to teach him how to gather food on his own. The scorpion bees remained unaffected by the bear as Bosco refused to climb up the tree and retrieve the nest out of laziness.[2]


The scorpion bee has the head and tail of a scorpion and the body of a bee. It has six legs and is yellow in color, with maroon stripes around its entire body. Small wings can be found on its back.[1] Another type of scorpion bee with a dark red coloration and black stripes also exists.[2]


Scorpion bees live in colonies and are not the friendliest of insects; they will swarm and cover a person from head to toe, but will not sting unless provoked by sudden movements or loud noises, as they demonstrated while resting on Aang. Smoke proves to be helpful in getting rid of them as it makes the bees tired.[1] Other types of scorpion bee appear to be slightly more docile.[2]


The scorpion bee exhibits characteristics from both of its namesakes. It has the wings, legs, and eyes of a bee, and the head and stinger of a scorpion; it also shares a bee's coloration patterns.


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