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This scorched forest is a region of hilly and expansive woodland located in the vicinity of Senlin Village in the southern United Republic of Nations,[1] formerly the western Earth Kingdom. In 99 AG, the forest suffered heavy damage from a wildfire ignited by firebenders. This caused Hei Bai, a spirit that had protected the forest for thousands of years,[2] to become infuriated and attack innocent villagers. A small river flows through the woods.[3]


Team Avatar briefly visited this forest late in the autumn of 99 AG. They were flying high above the woods on Appa until they landed in the forest, their curiosities aroused by the scorched land. Upon seeing the devastation, Aang became depressed, claiming the destroyed forest was a symbol of his own failure in protecting the world from harm. However, Katara managed to cheer him up by saying the forest was not completely destroyed, and that the damaged portions would one day grow back, as acorns, which would one day cause the forest to grow back, were scattered across the ground.

An elder from a nearby village suddenly approached the Avatar, whom he had seen flying on Appa. The man pleaded for Aang's help, and he agreed to aid them however he could. The next time Hei Bai attacked, Aang attempted to calm him down, but to no avail. He followed him into the forest on his glider after the spirit kidnapped Sokka; however, the Avatar failed to rescue him and ended up crashing onto the ground and sulking in front of a bear statue, Hei Bai and Sokka having mysteriously vanished from sight.

Scorched forest

Team Avatar examined the damage done to the forest.

After the Avatar realized that he had become trapped in the Spirit World, Fang, Avatar Roku's animal guide, revealed to him a vision that explained that Aang must visit Crescent Island on the winter solstice so that he could communicate with his predecessor.

Not long after, Fang took Aang back to the forest. The Avatar left the Spirit World and returned to the village, where he faced Hei Bai for the last time. Rather than fight him, however, Aang spoke to the spirit and managed to understand why he was angry; the forest was once his home, but was now ruined because of the wildfire. Aang told Hei Bai the damage was not permanent and gave him an acorn, a symbol of rebirth, renewal, and life. The spirit calmed down, took on his peaceful form as a panda, returned to the forest, and released all of the humans he had abducted, including Sokka.[3]



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