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The Sato family was once a prominent family composed of Hiroshi Sato, his wife Yasuko Sato,[1] and their daughter, Asami. The family lived happily in their mansion in Republic City until Yasuko was murdered during a raid on their home, leaving Hiroshi to bring up their daughter all on his own.[2] After Hiroshi sacrificed himself during Kuvira's attack on Republic City, Asami became the only known, living Sato heir.[3]



The family lineage originates from the first Fire Nation colonists.[4] However, the first known member of the family is Hiroshi Sato, who was born to a poor family residing in the Dragon Flats borough in 120 AG.[2][5] Later, his conception of automobiles for the common man made him a wealthy figure by the age of twenty-five.[2] He married Yasuko, a successful architect,[6] and, in 152 AG,[7] they had their only child, Asami. Six years later, the Agni Kai Triad raided the Sato estate, resulting in Yasuko's death. This tragic event was the primary factor in manifesting Hiroshi's deep hatred toward all benders, prompting him to join the Equalists to avenge her death.[2][8]

Anti-bending Revolution[]

Sato in a mecha tank

Hiroshi created the mecha tank to aid the Equalists' fighting efforts and eventually tried to kill his daughter with one.

Hiroshi used his surplus of resources to make numerous machines and weaponry for the Equalists, who quickly began utilizing them against benders. He became one of Amon's most loyal and devoted followers, though his status as a high-ranking Equalist was not known to the public until his secret factory was discovered by Team Avatar. Grieved by this revelation, his daughter Asami defied him and joined the Avatar to put a stop to the Equalists' acts.[9]

Once Hiroshi's true aspiration became known to the general public, the reputation of the Sato family was compromised and they suffered a great loss of wealth and status, leading to Asami's arrest on Tarrlok's orders due to her father's affiliation with the Equalist movement.[10]

Shortly before the cessation of the Equalists, Hiroshi gave his daughter one last chance to join him, but she refused and a battle fought using mecha tanks commenced between the two at an Equalist airfield. Due to a minor intervention by Bolin, Asami defeated her father in combat and had him arrested.[8]

Disgrace and redemption[]

Following Asami's victory over her father and Amon's defeat by Korra, the Sato family was left in disgrace. Hiroshi's actions had a scarring effect on his business, causing Future Industries to lose many, if not all, of its investors. Asami took over as the new head of the company and traveled to the Southern Water Tribe to see Varrick in an attempt to salvage the now-failing company, and by extension, her family's reputation.[11]

Hiroshi and Asami reconcile

Working together again with her father, Asami was able to forgive him.

Over the course of four years, Asami managed to redeem the name of her family and her company and, by 174 AG, they had a solid contract with Republic City, being trusted to modernize the city and build many of its transportation infrastructures.[12] When Kuvira threatened the city, Hiroshi was momentarily released from prison by Lin Beifong and helped to equip the prototypes of the hummingbird mecha suit with plasma saws. Hiroshi's commitment to protect Republic City renewed Asami's respect for her father and she forgave him for his past deeds. Before embarking on the dangerous mission, they both told the other they loved them. Hiroshi was ultimately killed by Kuvira, who crushed him in his hummingbird suit, when he decided not to flee but finish cutting through the platinum armor of the enormous mecha suit to give Team Avatar the opportunity take it and its spirit energy cannon.[3]

Family tree[]



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