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Pupil Sangok was an awkward teenager and a student of Master Pakku's waterbending classes. An idle pupil, he was often caught daydreaming or wishing he was playing ice marbles instead of honing his waterbending techniques.[2]


In early 100 AG, shortly before the Siege of the North was executed, Sangok and Katara were matched up for a practice duel by their waterbending teacher, Pakku. Judging by his nervous expression, it was evident that Sangok feared Katara's prodigious waterbending abilities. The spar began when Sangok formed and hurled a snow ball at Katara, who effortlessly melted and repelled it, freezing him and thus bringing the match to a swift end. Unhappy with Sangok's performance, Pakku sarcastically expressed his displeasure before releasing him from the ice.[1]


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Book One: Water (水)


  • The name "Sangok" (三個) literally translates as "Third Individual" or what the production business calls Extra #3. The word "sangok" could also be a variation of the Japanese word sango (サンゴ) for "coral",[3] which would make sense in conjunction with Master Pakku's comment about him one day being ready to fight a sea sponge.


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