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The San Ho Consortium is a large trade conglomerate with connections all over the four nations, headquartered in Republic City.[1] It is one of the five largest corporations found in the city's downtown district, competing with Varrick Global Industries, Future Industries, Keum Enterprises, and Cabbage Corp.[2]

In spite of its market share and extensive connections, the San Ho Consortium was founded relatively recently, and is still building its reputation.[2] The company has various criminal entanglements, with its owner and founder, San Ho, having effective control over the Terra Triad.[3]


The company's founder, San Ho, was born in the Earth Kingdom, and was originally named Yinuo. By the the mid-150s AG, he started working with fellow inventor Wakkanai to develop a new method for desalinating the water around Republic City. When Wakkanai started looking to Iknik Blackstone Varrick, a young investor, she started to grow apart from Yinuo. Varrick tampered with one of Yinuo's experiments in order to manufacture "proof" that the inventor's experiments were dangerous. Yinuo was barred from further research by city regulators and was divested from his startup. Unable to find work, Yinuo returned to the Earth Kingdom and changed his identity to San Ho. For the next twenty years, he worked for criminals, warlords, and thieves, and profited from selling technology to the highest bidder.[4]

After these years, San Ho built his powerful corporate trade group. He returned to Republic City with massive wealth at his disposal, with the San Ho Consortium establishing offices downtown and soon being considered one of the largest corporations in the city.[2][3] San Ho also gained control of the weakened Terra Triad, funding and assisting the criminal group in return for their cooperation in his illegal activities. Steely Ning was propped up as the new leader of the triad, and effectively became San Ho's puppet.[3] He used the triad boss to spread his influence through the Dragon Flats borough, seeking revenge on everyone there who wronged him in his youth.[1] The corporation used its position to provide a legal cover for Terra Triad actions; for instance, it provided legal documentation for Terra Triad members to act as their "rent collectors" in Dragon Flats.[5]

San Ho eventually decided to use his assets to enact his long-planned vengeance on Wakkanai and Varrick. He planned to sabotage Wakkanai's water treatment facilities and used lawyers in the aim of having the Utilities Commission remove Wakkanai's generational rights to profits. His ultimate goal was to kidnap Varrick, now First Gentleman of the United Republic, and have him killed in an explosion at Wakkanai's water treatment facility, eliminating one of his rivals and wholly discrediting the other.[6] San Ho managed to have his Terra Triad goons kidnap Varrick, and had him held at Warehouse 26, which acted as a headquarters for his company. The crisis caused President Zhu Li Moon gather a team of people to save Varrick.[4]


Warehouse 26[]

While the San Ho Consortium has downtown headquarters,[2] they also operate out of Warehouse 26. The old building is a solid stone structure that has all the telltale signs of earthbending and is difficult to enter without an earthbender. The entire structure was fortified and converted into offices and a headquarters for the San Ho Consortium, as well as certain members of the Terra Triad, such as Steely Ning. There are plenty of Terra Triad guards and mercenaries around the warehouse.

The warehouse contains rare photographs of the company's extremely private founder. San Ho is pictured bribing Commissioner Chao in one photograph, which was kept in case it was needed to blackmail her. The warehouse also contains the inception agreement between Yinuo and Wakkanai for their original startup.

When the San Ho Consortium held Varrick, he was kept in a windowless stone room. It was rigged with a couple of traps, designed personally by San Ho. There were also plans here to place bombs in the water treatment facility.[7]

Notable members[]