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San Ho, born Yinuo, is an Earth Kingdom businessman operating in Republic City. After being disgraced, he changed his identity, and started working for criminals, warlords, and thieves, all the while plotting his revenge on those who had caused his downfall.[1]


After coming to Republic City, Yinuo met Wakkanai in the mid-150s AG. At first, they were rivals and competing inventors. However, as they learned from each other's work and the competition drove them to greater and greater heights of innovation, they soon realized they were stronger together than apart. Though they sometimes frustrated each other, their relationship developed into a partnership devoted to building new ways to help the city and its people. Working together, they invented a new method for desalinating the water around Republic City, potentially meeting the needs of millions of people flocking to the metropolis with an all-new water treatment facility.[1]

However, Yinuo and Wakkanai lacked the funds and the experience to execute this idea at a massive scale and sell it to the city. Yinuo wanted to expand their operations without help, but Wakkanai looked to outside investors, like the young Iknik Blackstone Varrick. The two inventors grew apart as they tried to forge a path forward, each pursuing their own solutions and becoming distrustful of the other. When Varrick learned that Wakkanai's partner opposed his involvement, he was eager to look for a way to get rid of Yinuo. While Wakkanai went looking for more investors, Varrick tampered with one of Yinuo's experiments, causing an explosion to "prove" that Yinuo's negligent experiments endangered everyone. Yinuo instantly recognized that the evidence was false, but Wakkanai had already begun to mistrust Yinuo and refused to listen to him, believing he was reckless. City regulators barred Yinuo from doing any further research and ordered him divested from the startup he had founded with Wakkanai.[1]

Unable to find work in Republic City, Yinuo was forced to return to the Earth Kingdom. He changed his name to San Ho and began working for the only people who would hire him after he was disgraced: criminals, warlords, and thieves. San Ho profited from the technology he sold to the highest bidder, no matter how they used it.[1] He eventually built the San Ho Consortium, a powerful corporate trade group with ties all over the world. He returned to Republic City with massive wealth at his disposal, as well as effective control over the Terra Triad.[2] The triad's leader, Steely Ning, effectively became San Ho's puppet. San used the triad to spread his influence through the Dragon Flats borough, hoping to get revenge on everyone who wronged him in his youth.[3]

San Ho built his persona as a business-genius recluse who hated social engagements. No one knew what he looked like, because he did not want to and had the money to make sure it did not happen. He used his extensive wealth to prevent his identity from being discovered. If a photograph was snapped of him, he bought the film or hired thugs to track down the reporter and beat them into submission.[4]

He began to execute his plan of taking revenge on Wakkanai and Varrick for wronging him decades ago. He did not want to physically hurt Wakkanai, especially as the rights were tied up so that the profits would simply go to her daughter Kiaanii if she died. Instead, he hired lawyers to ensure that Wakkanai's rights were removed by the Utilities Commission. He managed to bribe Commissioner Chao into taking his side, and used the Terra Triad to sabotage Wakkanai's water treatment plants in the hopes of convincing Commissioner Ke Xin.[4]

A week before the Spring Pro-bending Tournament, Varrick received a note from Yinuo, asking for a meeting to settle their differences. Deeply ashamed of how he treated Yinuo all those years before, Varrick agreed to the meeting. As he snuck out of the tournament to meet with Yinuo, San Ho and his Terra Triad goons dragged Varrick away. San Ho planned to have Varrick killed in an explosion at Wakkanai's water treatment facility, that he could later use to discredit her, and take his revenge on his old rivals.[4] As the Republic City Police no longer took Varrick's disappearances seriously after his repeated disappearances in the past, his wife, President Zhu Li Moon, had to enlist a group of trusted individuals to save Varrick.[1][5]


San Ho will stop at nothing to achieve victory. He was burning with the desire to exact revenge on those who had wronged him in the past.[2]


San Ho is a savvy businessman and a master technologist. When he had to fight others, he often used his technology skills to set traps and to use his gadgets to dazzle and confuse others.[2]


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