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This article is about the Fire Nation vendor. For the father of Mako and Bolin, see San.

San was the owner of Seashell San's House of Shells. Despite being in the business of selling shells, San was very particular about the customers he chose to indulge, having a strong distaste for individuals he considered as "fake collectors".[1]


Sometime after the end of the Hundred Year War, San's store was visited by Sokka and Suki. In order to convince Sokka into buying some pieces, San offered two shells for thirty ban in an attempt to make it unnoticed that individual shells typically sold for fifteen ban in the first place.

Shortly after, San was notified by Jojan that another customer had entered the store. San dismissed her as another fake collector, stating that girls did not know shells. He warned Giya to be careful while handling a special shell from the old Earth Kingdom colonies, which she correctly identified and offered to buy.

Dismissing the girl's inquiry, San stated that the shell was likely more than she could afford before snickering, prompting Suki to confront him. San told the Kyoshi Warrior to mind her own business, and ordered Jojan to escort her off the premises. Suki flipped Jojan over, prompting San to try to "put [her] in [her] place" with firebending. His efforts were unsuccessful, as Suki easily blocked his chi. Afterward, San was horrified to see that his merchandise caught on fire during the confrontation and hurriedly ordered Jojan to extinguish the flames with water.[1]


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