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Saikhan is the former chief of the Republic City Metalbending Police Force.[1][3] Before his appointment as chief, he worked under his predecessor, Lin Beifong, and rose in the ranks of the police force under her tutelage, eventually becoming her right-hand man and captain. Because of this, he respects her immensely.[2]


Saikhan served as police captain under Lin Beifong.

After Avatar Korra thwarted an extortion attempt by Triple Threat Triad members, Captain Saikhan and other metalbending police officers arrived at the scene via the police airship. Quickly assessing the situation, Saikhan ordered his officers to apprehend the three immobilized criminals, and additionally attempted to arrest Avatar Korra for damaging private and public property. He attacked her with his metalbending, but due to Naga's interference, he was unable to detain her for long. However, the Avatar was eventually apprehended, and during her interrogation at the police headquarters, Saikhan informed Lin Beifong of Councilman Tenzin's arrival.[4]

After the Equalist attack on the Pro-bending Arena, Saikhan assisted Lin and the other police officers in the search of Cabbage Corp's warehouse. When the search yielded incriminating evidence, including Equalist propaganda flyers and stockpiles of electrified gloves, he commented to his superior that "there [was] enough evidence [there] to bury Cabbage Corp for an eternity".[5]

Struggles as Chief of Police

Following Chief Beifong's resignation, Saikhan was appointed Chief of Police. During a speech outside of the police headquarters, he agreed to help use the force's resources to work with Councilman Tarrlok and his task force to bring the Anti-bending Revolution to an end. Subsequently, one of his first actions as chief was to enforce the curfew for nonbenders in the Dragon Flats borough. When the power in the borough was turned off by Tarrlok, the residents formed a massive protest. While his officers held the mob back, Saikhan used a megaphone to order the nonbenders to return to their homes. Nevertheless, the nonbenders continued their protest, demanding that their power be turned back on. Unmoved, Saikhan warned the protesters to "disperse, or [they would] all be arrested". However, at that moment, the Avatar and her team arrived to intervene in favor of the nonbenders. When Saikhan saw Korra walking over to Tarrlok, he uneasily adjusted his cap, knowing that this confrontation would end in big trouble. Indeed, Tarrlok ordered shortly afterward a mass-arrest of protesters and members of Team Avatar.[1]

Saikhan endured Korra's humiliating gesture and accusations.

Later that night, Tenzin and Korra talked to him at the police headquarters demanding the release of the Avatar's friends and the accused nonbenders; however, he advised that they speak with Tarrlok about the matter. Before leaving, Korra called Saikhan the "worst Chief of Police ever", a statement with which Tenzin wholeheartedly agreed. During the conversation, the chief tried his best to remain calm and objective, and was unfazed when the Avatar made a humiliating gesture toward him.[1]

The following morning, Saikhan and his police officers were called to investigate the damage done to City Hall. Tarrlok stated that the wreckage was caused by an Equalist attack, and ordered Saikhan to deploy the entire police force to find the missing Avatar. He was called to City Hall again later that day by Tenzin. He and Lin exchanged a tense greeting before Tarrlok arrived and was accused of being responsible for Korra's disappearance. Before Saikhan could take any action, Tarrlok used his bloodbending abilities to subdue the new Chief of Police and every other person present. After waking up again, Saikhan left to brief the entire force to be on the alert for Tarrlok.[6]

Saikhan was captured by an Equalist mecha tank.

During the Equalist bombing of Republic City, Saikhan was at the Police headquarters, dealing with a myriad of problems and attempting to coordinate the city's defenses. When Tenzin arrived, Saikhan was relieved to see him, as he was the only remaining council member. Seeing that the police force was spread too thin, Tenzin sent a dispatch to the United Forces. However, the Equalists soon flooded the headquarters with gas, attempting to knock everyone inside unconscious. Tenzin led Saikhan and other employees to safety, using airbending to make a pocket of breathable air. However, when they reached the exit, several mecha tanks were waiting for them. Using a large magnet mounted on an arm of the mecha tanks, the Equalists captured several metalbender officers. As Saikhan was drawn in by the magnet's power, Tenzin attempted to save Saikhan by pulling him back with airbending, but to no avail. Saikhan and the other officers were placed in a truck to be taken to Amon.[7]

In the aftermath of the Anti-bending Revolution, Saikhan stepped down as Chief of Police, returning the title back to his predecessor, Lin Beifong.[3] He would continue working with the police force, temporarily assuming the role of acting Chief of Police when Lin left Republic City to protect Avatar Korra from the anarchist group known as the Red Lotus.[8]


The Legend of Korra

Book One: Air (气)


  • As Captain, Saikhan's armor was slightly different than that of a regular metalbending officer. Whereas the regular uniform's hat is slightly darker than the rest of the uniform, Saikhan's hat was the same shade of gray as the rest of his armor. His armor also lacked the metal shoulder plates and more closely resembled the design of Lin's armor.[4] When Saikhan replaced Lin Beifong as Chief of Police, his armor was upgraded to the same black armor that Lin always wore.
Preceded by
Lin Beifong
Chief of the Metalbending Police Force
170 AG - 171 AG
Succeeded by
Lin Beifong


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