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The saber-tooth moose lion is a large mammal native to the forests of the southern Earth Kingdom that becomes extremely vicious when threatened.[1][2]


Sokka once ambushed a moose lion cub with the intention of catching and eating it, only to become caught in a ground fissure. The baby cub proceeded to play with the trapped teenager, who attempted to converse with it, later naming it Foo Foo Cuddlypoops. When Aang came to save Sokka, he instantly identified it as a saber-tooth moose lion cub. He picked it up to play with it, but at that instant, the mother arrived and thought the airbender was a threat to her child.

Aang released the cub, and Foo Foo immediately ran toward his mother, vanishing in the thicket behind her. The adult animal ignored Aang's attempts to convince her that they only had friendly intentions, and she charged at them. She was blown to the side twice by Aang's airbending, before a head-on air blast sent her reeling back. She subsequently gave up on her attempts to charge the two people, and vanished into the thicket.[1]


The saber-tooth moose lion stands at least ten feet high, with brown fur, a long muzzle, and a pair of palm-shaped antlers on its head. Its body and tail are feline in appearance and its two enlarged upper fangs extend past its lower jaw. It also has large clawed paws.

The moose lion cub is very small, approximately the size of a small dog.[1] The cub is very intelligent and friendly, and it vaguely resembles a light brown hippo with a mid-length bushy tail and large ears. As it lacks an adult's large teeth and antlers, it appears harmless and playful.[3] It is difficult to identify one as a moose lion until its horns and fangs have grown in.


Foo Foo Cuddlypoops

A moose lion cub brought food to Sokka.

The saber-tooth moose lion is native to the forests of the southern Earth Kingdom. Its large teeth, long horns, and ferocious attitude make it a formidable creature.

Although it appears intimidating, the saber-tooth moose lion is, for the most part, a friendly animal; however, if a mother feels something is threatening its cub, it can become very violent.[1][4]


The saber-tooth moose lion is a clear mix of the moose, the lion, and the prehistoric saber-toothed cat, or Smilodon. Unlike real life where only male moose possess antlers, both sexes of the saber-tooth moose lion sport the moose's massive antlers.



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