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Ryu's mother is an Earth Kingdom citizen whose son gained airbending thanks to the Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG. She is very loving, but also very exaggerated and clumsy, which causes Ryu embarrassment at times.


171 AG

Sometime in 171 AG, Ryu discovered he had airbending skills. Proud of her son and also looking for an excuse for him to move out of her basement as he was twenty-two, Ryu's mom pounced on the opportunity offered by Team Avatar to travel to the Northern Air Temple with all the new airbenders to help rebuild the Air Nation. Ryu expressed no desire to go, prompting a frustrated Korra to begin dragging him out the door by force; his mother also tried to physically push him out the door, impatiently urging him to accept the offer. In the end, Ryu used his airbending to throw himself back, landing on top of his mother, who proceeded to hit him.[1]

174 AG

After three years, Ryu's mom visited her son at his new job as a tour guide in Republic City's Spirit Wilds. She told people with pride that her son was once living in her basement until he got airbending. She happily pointed out that her son was a very good airbender when he attempted to free a photographer from a spirit vine's grip during the tour. She subsequently remarked that the tour was amazing when she was also seized by a spirit vine, much to her surprise and fear. She, her son, and the tourists were subsequently immobilized in globules of spirit fluid inside an empty building overrun by vines, a site later discovered by Korra and Mako. After successfully entering the Spirit World guided by Zaheer, Korra located and freed their spirits, allowing them to safely exit the Spirit Wilds.[2]


The Legend of Korra

Book Three: Change (易)

Book Four: Balance (平衡)


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