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Ru and Yaling are two sisters from Cranefish Town, with Ru a nonbender and Yaling an earthbender.[2] The daughters of Liling, they assisted their mother in her plans by hiring benders involved in criminal activities, leading to the sabotage of the Earthen Fire Refinery.[1]


Following the end of the Hundred Year War, Ru and Yaling accompanied their mother when she returned to Cranefish Town to establish a new factory. At their mother's direction, the sisters tracked down a group of firebenders that had been causing unrest in the city. After Yaling broke down the door to their hideout, Ru presented the group with a new and potentially profitable job opportunity, noting that they could join a movement to "benefit benders and their families across the world". The leader of the group, however, dismissed Ru's offer, angrily ordering them to leave. Seeing that another approach was needed, Yaling proceeded to earthbend a large wall of rock at one of the firebenders, catapulting him back as the others looked on in fear. Continuing her attack, she bent a pillar of earth under another firebender before striking another with a chunk of rock to his forehead. The remaining firebender directed a blast of fire at her, but Yaling easily dodged his attack and retaliated by striking him on the back of the head with a rock, knocking him to the floor. The firebender leader, seeing his defeated comrades, quickly acquiesced to the sisters' demands, to Ru's delight.

The sisters directed the firebenders to sabotage the Earthen Fire Refinery, ultimately causing a large explosion that destroyed much of the factory. They remained close by and watched as the criminals attempted to flee the scene. When the firebender leader was caught by Avatar Aang and trapped in a pillar of earth on the edge of a cliff, Yaling used her earthbending to fracture the cliff, causing the firebender to plummet into the sea below. Ru expressed concern at the necessity of killing him, but Yaling reminded her sister that, as their mother has requested, she was simply making sure there would be no loose ends. Their conversation was cut short, however, when they witnessed Aang fly up into the air, holding the rescued firebender.

Liling admonishes Ru and Yaling

After Ru and Yaling blamed each other for their failure to silence a hired thug, they were admonished and lectured on the importance of working together by Liling.

Returning to their mother, they reported to her that the Avatar had captured the firebender leader. Yaling defended herself, noting that she had done what she could while Ru had not helped at all, though Ru retorted that Aang's interference was not her fault. Liling quickly silenced her daughters, noting that it was unfortunate but more important things were at stake. Ru and Yaling both apologized for their outbursts and agreed with their mother that the plans she had set in motion would require them to be united as a family.[1]


Both Ru and Yaling are dedicated to their mother, assisting in carrying out her plans even though it meant breaking the law. However, while Yaling had no qualms about killing one of the benders they hired to ensure he would not talk, Ru expressed greater concern at whether it was entirely necessary to do so.[1]




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  • The sisters' respective designs were intended to hint at their personalities: Yaling, as the fighter, was designed "big and tough" and wears "practical clothes that are better for fighting", while Ru's clothing is fancier as she "relies more on talking to get ahead".[3]


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