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The royal spa is the Fire Nation Royal Family's own private health resort, and one of Princess Azula's favorite places; she could often be found here getting her hair washed and nails manicured.[1]


Zuko confronted his sister in this spa about an upcoming war meeting, inquiring as to why she was invited while he was not. Azula, who was receiving a royal hair-combing, informed him that he would have to wait if he had come for the same purpose.[2]

On the day of her coronation as Fire Lord, Azula visited the spa to let her servants prepare her. Due to her growing delusion and paranoia, however, she banished one of the servants after being handed a cherry with a pit by her, believing it to be an attempt on her life.[3]


The royal spa is one of the many rooms in the Fire Nation Royal Palace. The spa is a fairly large room adorned with many decorative objects. It has tiny ornamental trees in two corners, and two golden dragons covering a wall. At the end of the room there is a small pool of water where servants comb the Royal Family's hair, and in front of the pool is the chair on which they sit. Water flows into the pool from a small dragon sculpture. Beauty supplies, such as combs, nail files, and cosmetics, are also located on a small table next to the pool. There are three steps leading up to the room, and sunlight streams through an open ceiling.


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