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Over a hundred royal servants work in the Fire Nation Royal Palace and tend to the Royal Family's every need. To become a royal servant is the honor of a lifetime for servants and their families.[1] The servants are also responsible for carrying the Royal Family's palanquins.


Azula's servants

Azula's servants

Azula was groomed by her servants prior to her coronation.

Azula had a special staff of all-female servants that had tended to her every need since she was a baby. They washed and brushed her hair, manicured her nails, pedicured her feet, gave her massages, and cooked nutritious meals for her.[1][2] Azula did not treat her servants with much kindness, and many of them were terrified of her.

When Azula was preparing for her coronation with the help of her servants, Azula became delusional with paranoia, fear, and emotional pain and banished one of her servants after she found a pit in her cherry, which she believed to be an attempt to choke her to death. She later banished the rest of her servants and the entire palace staff out of fear that they would betray her.[3]

Zuko's servants


Zuko's servants insisted that he take the palanquin.

Zuko had his own staff of male servants that tended to him during his time in the Fire Nation as the Crown Prince and eventually Fire Lord. They would help Zuko dress[4] and offer him fresh fruit, a massage, a hot towel, and to wash his feet.[2]

Unlike his sister, Zuko was generally kind to his servants, often politely refusing their services; in turn, his servants were pleased to serve him.


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