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The Royal Plaza is a long forum located in the harbor just below the Fire Nation Capital. This plaza is an impressive structure where Fire Nation royalty holds inspiring rallies for the people of the Fire Nation. It is a powerful setting that represents the dominance of the Fire Nation and serves as the main line of defense for the capital. Lined with numerous battlements and varied weapons, the Royal Plaza is one of the most heavily guarded places in the Fire Nation.[1] Its strategic location among cliffs makes it nearly impossible for invaders to find any other way around it without heading miles off course.


After the successful Coup of Ba Sing Se, Prince Zuko and Princess Azula were welcomed home here in a special ceremony, where Lo and Li recounted their historic victory.[2]

The combined efforts of Avatar Aang, the Water Tribes and the Earth Kingdom mounted a planned invasion in an attempt to overthrow the Fire Nation during its weakest moment. Despite a powerful defense from the Fire Nation, the Royal Plaza temporarily fell under the control of its assailants as they progressed to attack the Fire Nation's capital itself. Shortly afterward it was reclaimed by the Fire Nation when the assailants were captured and imprisoned.[3]

Later, this site was used for a grand speech preceding Fire Lord Ozai declaring himself to be the Phoenix King, a new title created by him. He preceded this by stating his wishes to pass the title of Fire Lord to his daughter, Azula.[4]


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