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Roku's island is a small Fire Nation isle that served as Avatar Roku's home in his later years. Prior to a catastrophic volcanic eruption, the island was the site of a minor settlement. When Roku was not attending to his Avatar duties, he and his wife, Ta Min, dwelt peacefully in a modest cottage there.


Erupting volcano

The island's largest volcano erupted in 12 BG.

In 12 BG, a volcanic eruption took place that buried the island village beneath several feet of ash. The explosion was so powerful that it could be felt over a hundred miles away in the Fire Nation Capital. Roku and his dragon, Fang, lost their lives battling the volcanic eruption in the effort to save their home.[1] However, due to Avatar Roku's intervention, the island's inhabitants were able to escape. Despite the devastating damage from the eruption, the village remained preserved to a certain extent, entirely buried beneath layers of ash.[2] The island has since remained barren and lifeless, save for some flora that grew on top of the ash.

Avatar Aang and his friends later visited the island in secrecy so that Roku could share with Aang the story of his past and the origins of the Hundred Year War.[2]



A small settlement was once situated along the island's coastline, near a cove-like harbor. What used to be the village's territory extends deep into the island's inland and ends at the foot of a volcano. Narrow, unpaved roadways stretched across the village, the sides of which were lined by houses of stone. At the foundation of the houses, the stone was kept uncut and were prism-shaped at the center. Most buildings had slanted red roofs made from wood.[2]

Roku's house

Roku's house was located on the face of a volcano, at a higher elevation than the village. It was one-story high and quite reminiscent of a temple in design, including distinctive features such as overhangs and multi-tiered slanted roofs. The red cottage was small and had four pentagonal windows at its facade.[2] Fang's cave was located adjacent to the house.

Notable figures


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