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"Welcome! I'm Ikki, and this is Jinora and Meelo. We have a super great family, and we're so happy that you're a part of it."
Ikki welcoming Rohan into the world alongside Jinora and Meelo.[1]

Rohan is the fourth child and second son of Tenzin and Pema. He was born on Air Temple Island during the Equalists' attack on Republic City.[1]


170 AG

Before Rohan's birth, Katara told Pema that her baby was "strong" and predicted that the child would be another airbender. Pema, however, hoped that her baby would be a nonbender like herself, so that he would be easier to handle.[3]

Rohan was born in 170 AG while Republic City was being attacked by the Equalists. While watching the Equalist airships approach Air Temple Island, Pema went into labor and was promptly assisted in the delivery by two Air Acolytes. Soon after Rohan's birth, he was visited by his father. When his older siblings came to visit him as well, Jinora asked if she could name him in the case her parents had not done so already. However, Tenzin and Pema told their children that they had named the newborn Rohan. Immediately afterward, however, Rohan, Pema, and the rest of Tenzin's family were forced to flee as the island remained under attack by more airships.[1]

Soon after escaping the island, Rohan and his family were captured by Equalists and imprisoned. Tenzin, Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo were later taken to an Equalist rally at the Pro-bending Arena to have their bending removed by Amon, while Rohan and Pema were left in prison. Once he and his family were rescued, they all returned to Air Temple Island. He later traveled with his family to the Southern Water Tribe in the hope that Katara could restore Korra's bending.[4]

171 AG

Tenzin and Rohan

Tenzin held Rohan during their family's stay at the Southern Air Temple.

At six months old, Rohan traveled once again to the Southern Water Tribe with his family, this time for the Glacier Spirits Festival, and sat with his grandmother, Katara, during the Royal Feast.[5] After his father had been dismissed by Korra as her teacher, he left with his family for the Southern Air Temple for a vacation, arriving at the temple in a woven baby back carrier with his mother.[6] He was later watched over by his mother and Aunt Kya when his sister Ikki returned to the temple.[7] A few days later, he watched with the rest of his family as his brother directed an aerial display performed by the ring-tailed winged lemurs that lived at the temple.[8]

While at the Eastern Air Temple, Rohan was being tended to by his mother, with whom he stayed as the rest of his family tried to help Korra enter the Spirit World.[9] He was carried around on his mother's back while she busied herself with picking flowers, awaiting the return of the rest of the family.[10] When Jinora's spirit became trapped in the Spirit World, Rohan was taken back home to Air Temple Island, where he was startled by his mother's sudden outburst as she called out to Jinora's spirit to be careful.[11]

Post-Harmonic Convergence

After Harmonic Convergence and the discovery of new airbenders, Rohan stood with the assistance of his mother when his father, Jinora, and Team Avatar left Air Temple Island on their trip to Ba Sing Se. Kya promised to help take care of him and happily picked the baby up, only for Rohan to throw up on her. Pema kindly reassured Kya that Rohan liked her, while gently putting her hand on her son's back.[12]

While at the Northern Air Temple, Rohan was in his mother's arms when she and the airbenders were all taken captive by the Red Lotus to be used as leverage to get to Korra.[13] He remained cradled with Pema as the captives were held by Red Lotus sentries in a cave complex but later freed by Team Avatar and as Korra was able to defeat Zaheer with the airbenders' help.

Two weeks later, Rohan slept in his mother's arms while Asami wheeled out a debilitated Korra to meet with his and Korra's families, the Beifong sisters, Lord Zuko, and President Raiko. He awoke before Jinora's anointment ceremony, smiling as his father gave a speech in praise of Jinora and Korra and as his oldest sister's tattoos were revealed, confirming her as an airbending master.[14]

174 AG

Tenzin and his family

Rohan was taken along by his parents to attend the grand reopening of Republic City's Central City Station.

Rohan was taken by his family to attend the grand reopening of Republic City's Central City Station, where he sat on his father's shoulders while listening with a bored expression to President Raiko's speech. Afterward, he returned to Air Temple Island together with his family, Prince Wu, Asami, Lin Beifong, Mako, and the presidential couple, where he enjoyed dinner and having his head caressed by his mother. That night, when an Air Acolyte notified the gathered group of the arrival of a ship from the South, they all went to the dock to greet Korra, who was scheduled to arrive. However, they were shocked to learn that the Avatar had left the Southern Water Tribe six months prior, leaving everyone to wonder about her whereabouts.[15] A few days later, Rohan was hugged by Ikki before she, Meelo, and Jinora left on Pepper on their quest to find Korra.[16]

When Kuvira threatened Republic City weeks later, Rohan was left in the care of the Air Acolytes, while his family spread out to help the people of the city.[17] After the battle, he attended Varrick and Zhu Li's wedding. During the dinner party, Rohan joyously tried to outrun his mother, preventing her from cleaning the mess he made on his clothes and wiping the purple juice from his hands, forearms, and face. His escape did not last, however, and he was eventually picked up and carried away by Pema.[18]

Sometime later, Rohan enjoyed a family dinner during which his mother fed him while he played with his food.[19]




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