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Roast duck

Roast duck was served by Song's mother to Iroh and Zuko.

Roast duck is a common dish eaten by both Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation citizens. The Fire Nation served it cut into bite-sized pieces, while the Earth Kingdom served it as a whole with a special sauce.


While keeping on eye on Zuko's firebending training, Iroh enjoyed a bowl of roast duck and agreed to teach his nephew some advanced firebending techniques after he finished it.[1]

Iroh seemed to savor a real appetite for this dish, as he gladly accepted Song's invitation to share a meal at her house after she mentioned that her mother often made roast duck. Having prepared too much, Song's mother handed Iroh some when he and Zuko took their leave again.[2]

When traveling toward Ba Sing Se as refugees, Zuko, Iroh, and three Freedom Fighters, namely Jet, Smellerbee, and Longshot enjoyed a bite of roast duck that they stole out of the ferry captain's kitchen.[3]


  • Duck is one of the few animals in the World of Avatar that is not a hybrid.
  • Roast duck is similar to the Chinese dish Peking Duck, which consists of a crispy, roasted duck seasoned with hoisin sauce.


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