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Rise of the Phoenix King is a game hosted on Nick.com.


The player controls Aang in his battle against Fire Lord Ozai.


  • "W" – Jump upward
  • "D" – Jump to next pillar on the right
  • "A" – Jump to next pillar on the left
  • "S" – Duck
  • Left mouse click – Perform normal attack and blast attack (additional information below)


The game begins with Aang and Ozai standing on two pillars. The player's role is to keep Aang out of Ozai's line of fire while also hitting Ozai with the Avatar's air blasts. If Aang is hit by Ozai three times, the player loses the game.

Normal and blast attacks[]

Aang near normal attack

Aang is about to be hit by a normal attack from Ozai.

To fire a "normal attack", the player must hold down the left mouse click near or on Aang and slide the mouse toward a desired target. Releasing the mouse click looses a normal attack at the target. Another choice of offense is the "blast attack", which can be employed by holding down the left mouse click near Aang and, while sliding the mouse, drawing a loop on the screen; once the loop has been drawn, the player continues the mouse on the path to the desired target, thereby launching a blast attack. When a blast attack is used, it is unobstructed by pillars – it bypasses all pillars it passes without leaving them any damage. Finally, normal and blast attacks hurt Ozai to the same degree, or simply, neither entails more damage unto the Fire Lord than the other.

Ozai is not the only choice of target; although blast attacks do not do anything to pillars, normal attacks do not go through pillars and instead cause them to crumble slightly. However, it takes three normal attacks from Aang to destroy one tier of a pillar, while only two normal attacks need land from Ozai.

Ozai has the same arsenal of moves as Aang, namely the normal and blast attacks. In both characters' cases, despite being called attacks, normal and blast attacks can be used offensively as well as defensively. Two normal attacks hitting one another negates the effect of both spheres of energy – they disintegrate without reaching any target. A normal attack that hits a blast attack disintegrates as well, but the blast attack continues unaffected.

Jumps, ducks, and pillar accessibility[]

Aang dodging a normal attack

By ducking and with precise timing, Aang dodges a normal attack from Ozai.

Jumping is an integral area of the game for two reasons: one, that it allows the player to choose how far away Aang is from Ozai before loosing an energy sphere, giving him or her a choice of range; and two, that it makes up one half of the possible dodging options. Ducking is the second option for dodging Ozai's attacks, but jumping is the more versatile approach as there are different paths to choose from.

In each stage of the game (see below subsection for additional information), Aang and Ozai have access to three pillars on which only one respective character can inhabit. The three pillars on the right side of the screen are only accessible by Ozai, and the three pillars on the left are Aang's. For example, Aang can jump onto the first, second, and third pillars to the left side of the screen, but when the player tries to force Aang to the first pillar on Ozai's screen by pressing the "D" key, Aang will only jump upward without moving from the pillar on which he already stands; this same rule applies for Ozai. Destroying all of the pillars on Ozai's side as well as destroying a pillar while Ozai is standing on it automatically takes the player to the next stage without the accumulation of bonus points (see below sections for details).

Stages, progression, and game over[]

Aang after stage completion

Having hit Ozai three times, Aang stands alone upon stage one's completion.

Rise of the Phoenix King progresses through the device of stages, wherein after Ozai is hit a predetermined number of times, the stage at which the game is currently taking place is left behind for a more difficult and dangerous stage. For example, in the first stage, which is where the game begins, Aang must land three attacks on Ozai. When this is accomplished, Ozai utters a quote from "Into the Inferno" or a quote from "Avatar Aang" and jumps out of view. Aang follows him to stage two, where Ozai uses more blast attacks and takes four hits before going to the next stage. The stage after this takes Ozai five hits before going to the next stage, and so on. In this way, the game contains no decisive victory for the Avatar – Aang continues to fight Ozai, and the objective of collecting as many points as possible becomes clear.

The Fire Lord benefits from this format as Aang remains as he was in the first stage: three hits until loss and no attack enhancements. Furthermore, while Ozai must incur a certain number of hits per stage in order to progress to the next stage, Aang accumulates hits upon himself without regaining his non-damaged status at the beginning of each stage. Therefore, he can only take three hits throughout the game before losing.


Normal and blast attacks, when they land on Ozai, grant the player fifty points per hit. The only other way to score points is stage progression. Beating the first stage grants the player an additional two hundred points, the second stage three hundred, and so on. Since the game goes on without end until Aang loses, scoring points is the main objective of the game.


  • Rise of the Phoenix King generated almost 815,000 plays within three days.[1]


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