Rise of the Avatar is a game that was hosted on The game follows Aang as he learns to master the four elements.


Travel across the four nations to master the elements with Aang.


  • Up arrow key – Move up
  • Down arrow key – Move down
  • Left arrow key – Move leftward
  • Right arrow key – Move rightward
  • Double-click an arrow key to dash
  • Z key – Airbend
  • X key – Waterbend
  • C key – Earthbend
  • V key – Firebend

Use advanced bending by holding down the chosen key before releasing

If a player has unlocked Zuko in the fourth area, the "bending" keys are used for different types of firebending attacks.


To complete this game, a user has to successfully navigate each level by defeating enemy soldiers and solving simple puzzles to clear the way. By destroying the enemy, he can collect green health hearts and chi balls. Colored blocks move in order to block or unblock the path to the next stage, with colored blocks requiring a switch of the same color be pressed to clear. Gray blocks only move once a particular area has been cleared of enemies.

During the third level with Ran and Shaw, the arrow keys must be hit in a given sequential order to pass the level, thereby unlocking firebending.


There are four areas – one for each book, plus The Promise – that increase in difficulty as the player progresses through the game. In addition, there are also bonus medals that can be earned by completing certain objectives during each stage. There are three stages to a level.

Each is set in a location shown in the series, with the first being Aang's rescue from Pohuai Stronghold. Enemies are relatively stationary, and only attacked when approached. The second level is set in an Earth Kingdom town. The enemies are more likely to notice the player and attack much more aggressively. The third opens with Aang and Zuko dancing for Ran and Shaw, before moving onto a Fire Nation town.


  • By entering the code 'air, fire, fire, earth, lotus', a player is able to unlock Zuko as a playable character to use in the fourth area. This also unlocks the second and third level, and enables Aang to use each element, regardless of level.
  • Despite Zuko cutting his ponytail off prior to Aang learning earthbending, he is seen with it at the end of the second level.

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