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Rioshon was an Air Nun and master chi-blocker from the Western Air Temple who lived during the era of Roku.[1]


Rioshon was not part of the Guiding Wind, but was sympathetic to their philosophy. In particular, she appreciated the Guiding Wind turning away from politics and noble society, even as she felt forced to engage with that society by her birth and the wrongdoing she saw in her own family. She saw the conflicts between the Guiding Wind and wider Air Nomad society, but to Rioshon's mind, the core of their beliefs was true.[2]

A skilled airbender and master chi-blocker, Rioshon was sought the world over for her martial skills.[1] When traveling to the Fire Nation Capital, Rioshon took on Princess Zeisan as a student. Over the course of their training, Rioshon and Zeisan fell in love, but never openly voiced their affections. Rioshon wished to honor Zeisan's own goals, duties, and political desires.[2]

Rioshon swore to stay apart in fear Fire Lord Sozin may discover their love for each other and use it against the sister, but worried about harm befalling the princess. This was especially true after Zeisan publicly announced her intention to give up her wealth and titles for a life of poverty, and proposed to Khandro of the Guiding Wind for a political marriage that had the potential to topple a dynasty.[1]

Rioshon was saved from bandits by Nyanchi, Boin, Ezra, and Zeebee, and the four would later accompany her to the Fire Nation Capital once more as the city prepared for Zeisan and Khandro's royal wedding.[3] Rioshon was invited to the city by nobles who wanted her to teach their children Air Nomad ways, a direct result of Zeisan's influence.[2] Fire Lord Sozin did not trust Rioshon, but declared her a guest of the royal family, assigning her an apartment in Hari Bulkan and attaching a retinue of Fire Nation soldiers to keep tabs on her. While they were there with the guise of being guides and protectors, Rioshon knew she was being kept under watch.[4]

Over the course of a week, several Air Nomads confided in Rioshon that they had their clothes stolen, either straight from the drying line or by masked assailants in the city's alleys, though leaving them mostly unharmed. Rioshon's suspicions were alerted, catching on to a conspiracy against Zeisan and the pre-wedding symposium she was planning on the Guiding Wind's teachings. As she was being watched, Rioshon had to rely on her allies to warn the princess.[5]


Rioshon was serious, intelligent, and spoke honestly in most situations, even if it meant angering people. She only taught others who she was absolutely sure would only use the attained knowledge for principles adhering to Air Nomad philosophy.[1]


Rioshon was a skilled airbender and was sought all over for her mastery of chi-blocking.[1] She often used her airbending to soften blows aimed at her allies and get them back on their feet faster.


Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game[]


  • Rioshon was one of three known characters to be both a bender and a chi-blocker, along with Amon and Hundun.