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Rinzen is a young person from Republic City who developed airbending abilities following the Harmonic Convergence of 171 AG. They joined the Air Nation and are training to become a master.[1]


Born and raised in Republic City, Rinzen was obsessed with pro-bending like many young people, even though they were not a bender themself. However, that changed when they developed airbending powers during Harmonic Convergence, and started training to become an airbending master.

Rinzen proved not to be the most traditional airbender, as they were not very calm and tended to rush head-first into situations, but they were determined to be the most well-known, since Rinzen wanted to become the first airbending pro-bender. They dreamed that they would soon get their first big break, and then everything would fall into place. However, they still had plenty to do in the Air Nation, and Tenzin eventually tasked them with a mission - which was to get the skilled but unsociable Tsemo to open up a bit and connect with the world.[1]


Rinzen is a somewhat impatient person, but also very enthusiastic. They have big dreams and aspirations, and are obsessed with pro-bending.[1]


Rinzen still has a lot to learn as an airbender, but they are relatively skilled. Their signature style involves surfing on the air.[1]


Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game[]


  • Rinzen is a pregenerated character for players to use in the Adventure Booklet: The Burning Fuse, using The Bold playbook.[1] Before the release of this adventure, they were the unnamed representative of the same playbook in the Core Book.[2]
  • Rinzen owns a pet flutter bat.
  • Rinzen's dream to become the first airbending pro-bender was partially completed by Dalisay, although nomadic pro-bending is still just a variant on the sport, with there being not enough airbenders yet for any to join the professional leagues.[3]