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The ring-tailed winged lemur is a small animal closely related to the winged lemur. The species was discovered after the end of the Hundred Year War, and these creatures reside at the different air temples.[1]


Meelo naming Poki

Meelo captured a ring-tailed winged lemur as his pet and named him Poki.

In 171 AG, Tenzin and his family traveled to the Southern Air Temple for a relaxing vacation. Upon arrival, Abbot Shung and several Air Acolytes presented the family with gifts, only to be interrupted by Meelo, who showed them a lemur he had captured and named Poki. However, the distressed animal escaped the young airbender's grasp and ran off, with Meelo giving chase on an air scooter.[2]

Some time later, Kya was feeding several of these creatures, while the rest of her family was relaxing. When Meelo arrived, Poki was flying along with him and rested on his head when he came to a stop.[3]

Meelo wanted to train Poki, but had problems distancing himself from being a friend. With Tenzin's help, the young airbender learned different ways to train his new pet, and extended his training to all the lemurs at the Southern Air Temple. Upon his whistled command, all the lemurs took flight, performing an aerial display for his family.[4]

In 174 AG, a group of lemurs was summoned by Meelo and subsequently given to Jobal to be taken care of by him and to keep the man company.[5]


The ring-tailed winged lemur has large membrane-covered wings attached to its arms that allow it to take flight. It has a prominently white face, with gray patches of fur around its proportionately large eyes. The fur on its back is gray and white on its stomach, and its tail has a gray and white pattern of rings.


The ring-tailed winged lemur is based upon the real world ring-tailed lemur, but with winged extensions that are similar to those of a bat. This fauna also bears resemblance to the real world flying squirrel and sugar glider.


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