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Rin was a waitress at the estate of the falsely identified Avatar, Yun.[1]


Rin worked alongside Kyoshi during her time as Yun's servant. Kyoshi had attended her birthday party and chipped in for a comb as a present.[1]

After suspicions grew that Kyoshi could in fact be the true Avatar, Rin began to treat Kyoshi differently, calling her "Mistress". She served Kyoshi spicy pickled kelp and informed her she was no longer to show up for work, and that Jianzhu wanted to see her in the training grounds, telling the potential Avatar that she had free time until then.[1]

After Kyoshi's escape, Hei-Ran asked Rin to fetch her daughter. Rin was frightened when she told the firebending master that Rangi had disappeared, and that a stablehand had seen her leave with Kyoshi. Hei-Ran adopted a kind tone as she dismissed Rin to talk to Jianzhu about the situation.[2]


Rin took her duties as a servant seriously, always showing respect to her superiors and endeavoring to follow their instructions whenever possible. She displayed discomfort when delivering bad news to those she served, fearful of how they would react.[2]


Chronicles of the Avatar[]

The Rise of Kyoshi[]


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