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Richard Starkings is a British font designer and comic letterer who worked on the short comics "Clearing the Air" and "Matcha Makers", as well as Avatar: The Last Airbender—Chibi Vol. 1: Aang's Unfreezing Day. He is the co-founder of Comicraft.

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Selected other credits

  • Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor
  • Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor
  • Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor

Biographical information

Starkings was one of the early pioneers of computer-based comic book lettering. He started his career in comic books, such as working for the British department of Marvel as a letterer, where he became an editor. In 1992, he founded Comicraft with John Roschell.

Starkings has extensively worked on lettering in the Doctor Who comic book series, along with Jimmy Betancourt. Beginning in 2014, they lettered all of Titan Comics' Doctor Who comic book series.

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