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The term "Republic City tunnel network" has not been confirmed by official sources.

The Republic City tunnel network is a system of subterranean passages dug by earthbenders underneath Republic City.[2] It is a highly complex network of tunnels formerly utilized by the Equalists as a base for their many underground operations.[1]


After the alleged abduction of Avatar Korra by the Equalists, Lin Beifong, Tenzin, Mako, Asami, and Bolin set out together to find her. With no leads to follow, Lin proposed to start their search underground in the maze that is Republic City's tunnel system, a suggestion Bolin immediately supported, remembering having been driven through a tunnel when he was taken by the Equalists.[3] Mako guided the group to the place where he witnessed the Equalists take off with his brother prior to the Revelation rally, and Lin used her seismic abilities to locate a nearby entrance to the underground network.

The Equalists stored numerous motor vehicles in an underground garage.

Using her earthbending and metalbending, Lin, along with Tenzin and Team Avatar, ventured down into the tunnels. Discreetely following two Equalist bikers, the group infiltrated the Equalist base. Overhearing a conversation between several Equalists, they commandeered one of the Equalists' trolleys and used it to travel to the prison facility where Lin was able to free her officers, who had already been stripped of their bending by Amon. It was there that the group also discovered that the Equalists were not responsible for the attack on City Hall or Korra's disappearance, and deduced that Tarrlok was the mastermind behind the whole incident.

Having overpowered multiple Equalists during their time in the base, the group was discovered and forced to flee. To avoid a confrontation with several Equalist fighters and their mecha tanks, Lin used her bending to create a makeshift exit out of the maze of tunnels, going directly toward the surface through the tunnel ceiling.[1]

The refugees lived in small makeshift houses made of materials such as cardboard.

After the battle for Republic City, the city fell into the hands of Amon and his Equalists, forcing the Avatar and her friends into hiding underground. They entered the maze of tunnels through a large pipe that lead into Yue Bay and found shelter in one of the large underground chambers. There, many other refugees, benders and nonbenders alike, had found residence as well. The underground network became their new base of operations, allowing them to use the intricate network of tunnels and various exits to get around undetected and perform reconnaissance on Equalist activities.

When the foursome resurfaced to meet the arrival of the United Forces, they witnessed their swift defeat at the deployment of the Equalist biplanes. Korra managed to rescue General Iroh and brought him down to the large underground chamber to heal his wounds. There, Iroh requested Gommu's help to send a message to Commander Bumi, something the former telegraph operator was glad to do.

General Iroh proceeded to forge his plan to ground the Equalist airplanes in order to give Bumi's fleet a fighting chance. As the group of five was about to leave, Korra announced that she had her own battle to fight, namely taking down Amon on her own terms. At this decision, the group split in two, each leaving through a separate tunnel to complete their own mission.[4]


Republic City's tunnel network features large passages that branch off to several junctions.

Upon first glance, Republic City's underground tunnel system seems to be largely unused. However, due to growing unrest among the citizens of Republic City, it has been the primary base of operations for Equalist activity.

The tunnels themselves were formerly used by Equalists as tracks for their vehicles, particularly cargo trucks and motorcycles. Secret doors and entrances are located throughout the network, rigged to open following the flick of a switch. These passages lead directly to junctions where Equalist weaponry and equipment were stationed.

The dock junctions also feature a complex rail system which branches off into several Equalist compounds. A few Equalists were stationed at each rail junction to oversee these trams and their cargo.[1]


Equalist prison

Following their abduction, apprehended benders were taken to a large subterranean prison facility. Equalists manned the halls of the facility and kept watch over the prisoners.[1]

Equalist training camp

In addition to the prison, the Equalists also hosted a training facility, where new recruits were trained in the art of chi-blocking and combative maneuvers. There were several trams carrying supplies leading to these training grounds.[1]


Located at one of the tram junctions, the garage is a large area where Equalist vehicles such as motorcycles and trucks were kept.[1]

Refuge shelter

After Amon took over the city and the Equalists resurfaced, many benders and nonbenders found shelter in one of the large underground chambers. They had converted it to a safe haven for all, and had learned to harmoniously coexist.[4]