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This article is about the prison located in Republic City. For other similar uses, see Prisons (disambiguation).

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The term "Republic City prison" has not been confirmed by official sources.

The Republic City prison is a large, fortified building located in Republic City, where various criminals are kept.


The prison was built sometime before 170 AG by Varrick Global Industries. After Hiroshi Sato was outed as an Equalist and apprehended by his daughter, Asami, he was imprisoned here.[1][2]

Varrick in prison

His company having built the prison, Varrick had reserved himself a luxurious prison cell, predicting he would one day need it.

As owner of the company that built the prison, Varrick had commissioned it to contain a luxurious jail cell for himself, as he predicted he would end up there one day. As such, after he was arrested for his attempted kidnapping of President Raiko in 171 AG, he ended up there with his assistant, Zhu Li.[3] During the Unalaq crisis, UnaVaatu created spirit vines that laid waste to the city. One of these roots pierced the outside wall of the prison, enabling Varrick and Zhu Li to escape.[4]

In 174 AG, Asami Sato traveled to the prison to visit her father, who had been writing her in order to reestablish contact. When the prison guard brought Hiroshi to see his daughter, she pushed the unopened letters toward him and ordered him to stop contacting her as she never wished to see or hear from him again. As she moved to leave, Hiroshi implored her to stay and hear him out. Although he could not forgive himself for what he had done or even hope to be forgiven for his actions by others, he told his daughter that he was very proud of her and that she was the best thing he had ever accomplished. Overcome by emotion, Asami exited the building.

After calming down, Asami returned to the prison and requested to see her father once again. As Hiroshi was once again brought to the visiting area, Asami told him that even though she did not know if she would ever be able to forgive him, she was willing to give it a try. The two Satos settled down over a game of Pai Sho.[2]

When Kuvira threatened Republic City, Lin Beifong freed Hiroshi with the reasoning that they could use his expertise as an engineer in their efforts to stop Kuvira's conquest, though emphasized to him that, if the prison was still standing after the battle's conclusion, he would be incarcerated once more. This proved moot, however, as Hiroshi was ultimately killed in the attempt to take down Kuvira's enormous mecha suit.[5]


Republic City prison visiting area

The visiting area of the prison contains multiple wooden tables with simple fold-out chairs.

The prison is a sizable, multi-floored building located in Republic City. It holds many common prison cells and at least one luxurious one, commissioned specifically to detain Varrick. The prison also had at least one visiting area, where inmates could talk to their family and friends, though the room was under constant police supervision.

As is the rest of Republic City, the facade of the prison building is covered by spirit vines.[2]

Known prisoners[]