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Being a large metropolis, Republic City is home to a large number of journalists, including reporters and photographers, who gather information about various daily events and report said events via radio broadcasts and newspapers.

The most popular newspapers in Republic City include the Yuan News, the Republic News, the United Daily News,[2] The Elemental Times, and The Republic Reporter.[3]


After Avatar Korra officially relocated to Air Temple Island in order to commence her airbending training, she publicly announced that she would be staying there during a press conference in front of City Hall. A large crowd had gathered, and many reporters asked the Avatar about her plans for the future and how she was going to deal with the city's rampant crime and Anti-bending Revolution. During the assembly, many journalists took photographs of Korra.[4]

Republic City's journalists were also present at a gala organized by Councilman Tarrlok in the Avatar's honor at City Hall. There, Korra was bombarded with questions about Amon and the Equalists and asked why she refused to be a part of Tarrlok's task force. When one of the journalists asked Korra if she was afraid of Amon, she lost her composure and announced that she would join the task force if that was what the people of Republic City desired. Tarrlok swiftly swooped in and ended the press conference by stating that the press now had their headline.[5]

A reporter asked Avatar Korra a question during a press conference organized by Councilman Tarrlok.

Tarrlok's task force received considerable media attention after executing its first successful raid in which several Equalist chi-blockers were apprehended. Tarrlok and Korra posed together with the bound chi-blockers for a gathering of photographers and many pictures ended up in the city's newspaper the following day. During a later press conference, a female journalist inquired why Korra had been unsuccessful in locating Amon. Eager to prove to herself and the city that she was not afraid of anyone, Korra promptly stepped up to the microphone and publicly challenged Amon to a midnight duel on Aang Memorial Island. After this statement, the journalists barraged Korra with questions; however, she quickly left.[5]

After the Equalists' attack on the Pro-bending Arena, Tarrlok called another press conference during which he criticized Chief Lin Beifong for her recent unsuccessful missions. When she later arrested Lau Gan-Lan outside of Cabbage Corp's headquarters for supposedly working with the Equalists, the press was present. Chief Beifong announced to them that Cabbage Corp would be temporarily shut down.[6] Members of Republic City's press were also present to take photographs after Team Avatar re-captured escaped chi-blockers and Equalists.[7]

A reporter took photographs of Equalist weaponry at City Hall after the alleged abduction of Avatar Korra.

Following a duel between Tarrlok and Korra that resulted in major damage to City Hall, members of the press gathered to take photographs of the damage and Equalist weaponry that Councilman Tarrlok had planted to frame the Equalists for her capture. The news of the attack was later broadcast over the radio.[8] Following Tarrlok's kidnap, a picture of him appeared on the front page of the United Daily News.[2]

After the end of the Anti-bending Revolution, the press resumed coverage of daily events in Republic City, including pro-bending matches. Following the outbreak of the Water Tribe Civil War, the press also began to follow related events in Republic City closely, including live coverage of the peace march at the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center.[9] Later, they covered the finale screening of The Adventures of Nuktuk: Hero of the South, during which an attempted kidnapping of President Raiko occurred.[10]

Two weeks after the events of Harmonic Convergence, members of the press were present at a conference being held by President Raiko outside of the now vine-covered City Hall. They questioned both him about his approval rating and, after Korra arrived, they also turned to her to question her about her actions in regard to the spirit vines.

The following day, Raiko invited members of the press to view Korra's attempt to remove the vines from the city. After viewing her initial success, they began questioning her as to what was next, before having to scatter when the vines regenerated stronger than before and began demolishing portions of buildings.[11]

When the Utilities Commission started reviewing Wakkanai's rights to Republic City's water treatment facilities, a reporter named Wáahlaal from the Republic News started looking into the dispute between Wakkanai and San Ho, and was interested in publishing a juicy story.[12]

Republic News

The Republic News is one of Republic City's newspapers. Their offices are set inside a larger building, and they are full of paper, ink, and lots of little spirits hang out in the office perching on filing cabinets, fluttering in the wind of electric fans, and generally enjoying the vibrant energy of this hectic place. The offices have an archive of old papers in the basement, but finding any information without the guidance of someone who knows the files is almost certainly a time-consuming and difficult task.[12]


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