Republic City Run is a game hosted by


Korra must fight the Equalists while avoiding their electrified gloves.


  • Up arrow key – Jump
  • Space-bar – Bend
  • Left mouse click – Masterbending/Shop controls


Republic City Run gameplay

Korra dashes through the city with coins floating above her.

A chibi version of Avatar Korra runs through various places in Republic City while attempting to avoid normal Equalists, Equalists dangling from above, Equalists on motorcycles, and mecha tanks, and collecting yuans.

During the game, Avatar Korra can either jump using the up arrow key (twice for a double jump) to avoid foes, or bend at them, defeating them. Korra is given a limited amount of chi, which can be used up by used by either double jumping or bending. The amount replenishes itself over time, unless the player is master bending.


After collecting a certain number of yuans, the player can purchase new skills and upgrades, namely specific bending abilities, coins that can summon Naga, Pabu, or a flying bison, and the ability to gain yuans from defeated enemies. Each of the abilities can be unlocked for one hundred yuans each, and be upgraded four times after that, for two to five hundred yuans.

Yuan collector

Purchasing this upgrade will allow for a player to earn bonus yuans for every Equalist or mecha tank they defeat, and also if they break a crate of cabbage with their bending. The yuans they can earn increases progressively from one to five with each rank they purchase.

Animal coins

After purchasing these upgrades, coins will occasionally become available with either a flying bison, Naga, or Pabu's face on it. When collected, both the Naga and sky bison coins will produce their respective creature, whom Korra quickly rides on, and can defeat any Equalist they touch, collecting coins if the feature has been purchased. When Pabu is summoned, he will leave a trail of yuans behind him for Korra to collect.

Master bending

Once any of the four master bending abilities are purchased, the player can click on an icon of Korra in the Avatar State on the top right. It will subsequently ask the player to "choose an element", and shows the bending icons of the elements purchased thus far. Each bending type has its own special abilities, fire produces faster and stronger bending attacks, air drags yuans and animal coins toward Korra, water can use healing to replace lost lives, and earth can protect Korra in a sphere from any attacks, although using large amounts of chi to do so. While a master bending ability is being used, chi will be drained rather than collected. The master bending effect will continue until Korra runs out of chi.


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