Republic City Rescue is an online game hosted on


Avatar Korra must run, jump, and fly through the streets of Republic City in order to retrieve all of the yuans that the Triple Threat Triad stole from Republic City's citizens.


All actions are performed through the left mouse click.


Republic City Rescue gameplay

Korra is able to propel herself through the air, protected by a fire shield and collecting yuans.

After the player has clicked anywhere on the title screen, the game begins with Korra running along a sidewalk of Republic City. Large golden coins appear in a row on the screen soon afterward. Collecting these coins is the primary way for the player to accumulate points and earn a high score. Each coin collected earns Korra two yuans, though larger coins equate to higher yuan values. These larger coins become available for a short time when Korra collects a yuan-shaped shield. The yuan total at the time of game over as well as the amount of feet Korra has progressed since the game began are the two major factors in the game's computation of high score points.

Korra must avoid both obstacles and the attacks of the Triple Threat Triad by propelling herself through the air with her bending. Korra's altitude can be controlled by holding or releasing the mouse button. She will start out with the ability to fly via fire jets, but can later switch to other bending styles.

Along the way, there are nation shields that, when collected, put a protective ring around her in whichever element she is currently using to propel herself. For a limited amount of time, Korra will be protected against any object, making her invincible.

During the level, Naga is waiting for Korra along the way. When Korra runs into her, her trusted animal companion will swiftly run a distance with her while collecting various coins before proceeding to the next level.

As the levels progress, the obstacles become larger and more numerous. In addition, the number and variety of Triple Threat Triad attacks will increase. A short graphic will appear every hundred feet to alert the player. If Korra hits any obstacle unprotected, the game immediately ends. If the player is on a higher level, they will have the option of restarting on that level or restarting the game at level one.


By collecting yuans, the player can purchase various items for Korra. The player can purchase bending styles for five hundred yuans, each allowing Korra to use different bending styles that can aid her in progressing through the levels, but she may only use one at a time. Changing the style will allow Korra to produce water or air jets to fly or to raise and lower herself on blocks of earth.

Extra element shields can also be purchased for 250 yuans each. The player can have only one shield of each element at any one time, with a maximum of three shields. Extra element shields will be displayed on the level screen, and can be clicked on at any time to activate them. However, the player will not be able to activate an element shield given in the level if one of these extra shields is active.

The player can also purchase three outfits for Korra, in addition to her default Water Tribe outfit, namely her Air Nomad clothing, her task force uniform, and her pro-bending uniform. New outfits cost a thousand yuans each and seemingly have no effect on gameplay.

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