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The Republic City Four Elements is an iconic hotel building in Republic City. As the city's poshest place to stay, it is the primary choice for world travelers and national leaders who appreciate the finest in luxury and service.[2] Sporting a grand lobby and luxurious suites, the hotel served for a short period of time as the home of the future king of the Earth Kingdom, Prince Wu.[1]


The hotel's lobby is ornate and expansive, reflecting the luxuries for which the hotel is renowned.

During Prince Wu's stay in Republic City, he resided in one of the luxurious suites at the Republic City Four Elements hotel. One day in 174 AG, after the reopening of the Central City Station, Wu and his bodyguard, Mako, retreated to the hotel for a brief moment so the prince could change before leaving his suite to pamper himself with a spa treatment. As they neared the exit of the hotel, Wu noticed a gathering of people at the doors and assumed they were his fans. He proudly strutted out on the red carpet that was left there for him and greeted his fans. However, the meeting was cut short when Mako ushered him to safety in the waiting Satomobile, escaping a barrage of pies thrown at them by Kuvira supporters.[1]

The day before Wu's coronation, world leaders, such as Desna and Eska, and high-profile citizens, such as Suyin Beifong, checked in to the hotel. Kuvira and some of her army officials also stayed there. With her influence, the army commander had managed to force Prince Wu out of his Presidential Suite and into one of the junior suites, occupying the large suite herself.[3]

In 174 AG, Zhu Li Moon held her victory party at the luxurious ballroom of the Four Elements, where it was announced, in the presence of Republic City's high society, that she had been elected as the United Republic of Nations's new president.[4]


The most luxurious suite in the hotel was the Presidential Suite, where Wu and later Kuvira resided.

The Four Elements is a multiple-story building with white bricks and cyan details. In contrast, the interior is luxurious with golden decorations. An elevator is available to the guests to go from floor to floor. The most luxurious suite in the hotel is the Presidential Suite, though there are several junior suites as well. Butlers are waiting at hand for the guests staying in the suites.[1]


  • The hotel's name is similar to the Canadian hotel chain Four Seasons, while the building itself resembles the Plaza Hotel in New York City.


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