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Rendezvous map

The rendezvous map featured directions for Bato to reach the delivery point of a vital message.

The rendezvous map was created by Hakoda and sent to Bato, guiding him to an important rendezvous point where another message would be delivered to Bato, eventually leading him to the location of the other Southern Water Tribe warriors.[1]


An Earth Kingdom messenger on an ostrich horse arrived in the middle of the night to deliver a message to Bato. He handed the message to Avatar Aang in good faith, assuming that the latter would pass it on to its addressee. Aang initially hid the map from him in fear that, if Bato saw it, Katara and Sokka would choose to leave him to go find their father whom they utterly missed. Later, the abbey's Mother Superior saw Aang accidentally drop it and, due to her lack of knowledge about the importance of the paper, simply accused him of littering, to which Aang quickly said that he would take care of it. Overcome with guilt after having the Mark of the Trusted bestowed upon him after ice dodging, Aang admitted to Bato, Katara, and Sokka that he could not be trusted due to his action of hiding the map. Out of anger, the siblings left him to find their father, but before reaching the rendezvous point, they reconsidered their decision to leave Aang. Bato gave the map to Sokka, stating that he knew where to go from there and that he would leave a message at the rendezvous point. After Katara and Sokka were ambushed by Zuko, Iroh, and June, this map was used by Nyla to track Aang's scent.[2]


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