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This article is about the gang of waterbenders in Republic City. For other gangs, see Triads in the United Republic.

The Red Monsoon Triad is an organized crime unit consisting solely of waterbenders.[2] It is a rival gang of the Triple Threat and Agni Kai Triads, with whom they often engage in turf wars.[3]


When Mako and Korra approached Skoochy in Central City Station for information regarding Bolin's whereabouts, he mentioned that all the triads, including the Red Monsoons, the Triple Threats, and the Agni Kais, were recruiting new members for "something big".[3]

Six months after the conclusion of the Anti-bending Revolution, three Red Monsoon Triad members were involved in a chase with police officer Mako. While trying get away on their truck, two waterbenders created a smoke screen behind their vehicle to obscure the firebender's vision. One of the criminals froze the street before the officer's motorcycle, causing it to briefly spiral out of control. Afterward, Mako was able propel himself into the air through the use of his firebending, where he delivered a powerful fire blast to the gangster's truck, causing it to crash into a fire hydrant and flip over. The defeated triad members were mocked by their pursuer before being taken into custody.[1][4]

Several months later, the main hideout of the Red Monsoon Triad became the location of a stakeout led by Detective Mako.[5]


  • The triad is a reference to typical 1920s American mobsters.
  • Two of the designs for the Red Monsoon gang members "may or may not have been inspired by a giant pro wrestler from the eighties and a James Bond henchman from the sixties".[6]


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